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  1. Hi, believe me I really do hope the film is a massive success. Everyone concerned has put a huge amount of effort into it. The bar was set by Paul Sadot's stage show but then it came crashing down with Soul Boy which irrespective of the subject was truly truly dire. So good luck to Elaine and her team lets hope it's a peach.......
  2. Not too bad and certainly not as much as as an advert for "The Film" as I was expecting.......
  3. kevmorby

    2011-07-16: Kings Hall Stoke All Nighter

    Great nite with about 1500 of my best friends, dont know all of thier names but without doubt my friends. KTF
  4. kevmorby

    9 Original Wigan Casino Badges

    Hi Badges were just a nice addition, these are mine.
  5. kevmorby

    Blue Max Rip

    A very bright light has gone out in Wolverhampton tonight. R.I.P Max and thanks for everything.
  6. kevmorby

    The Laffayette...wolverhampton

    Hi folks Club Laffayette a name that must go along side, tHe Wolves club, Willenhall baths, St Giles's, Scruples and even Essington workings man's club. We had to travel all be it locally in those days. Harpo and Sandi congrats. Best wishes Kev M.
  7. kevmorby

    Fashion Victims

    Pete..was really trying to avoid bay city roller any mention of jumpers with stars on is not allowed
  8. kevmorby

    Fashion Victims

    it goes on and on. South sea bubble jumpers remember them I had one that was cream with maroon stripes down the side.....til my mum washed it then it was pink like rice pud with jam in it. Skinners of course and white skinners looked like ex sailors..these were replaces by karmann ghia cords.This topic will get a whole lot more embarassing.
  9. kevmorby

    Fashion Victims

    hi everyone this is a great topic sitting crying with laughter. Anyway Oasis in Brum has a lot to answer for including...solatio shoes, patched levis, cap sleeved tee shirts with Mel's bar on the back (Torquay 1976) and bloody rugby shirts I know it was Wigan but come on. Best part most of this stuff was expensive as well.
  10. kevmorby