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  1. A Large selection Northern D/S Funk

    A little common courtesy in getting back to me would not have gone amiss...
  2. A Large selection Northern D/S Funk

    Still interested in Fred Briggs...
  3. A Large selection Northern D/S Funk

    Fred Briggs please if it is still available...
  4. Prince Charles - Sick

    Red and white Jetstreams are stock copies. This'll be coming out on a Kent CD very soon, in 'from mastertape' quality. For those who don't know, 'Prince Charles' is actually Charles Sheffield. At least, that's what it says on the tape box.
  5. News: Village Soul Is Back

    Given that two of the four founding 'Village Soul' DJs - Gary Thomas and myself - were not asked if we'd like to participate in this event, I think it's stretching it a bit to say the 'the original Norfolk Village Saturday night residents are back together ag...
  6. Is George Kerr King Of The Recyclers

    Lonnie Youngblood's 'Sweet Sweet Tootie' on Turbo is also a version of this rhythm (although, like the Willie and West, it's on a recut of the Hesitations, rather than the original rhythm)
  7. The Dooleys

    I've got a US Epic Demo of 'Wanted' by them, if you're thinking of starting to collect Dooleys rarities... ...actually 'Wanted' isn't a bad record as Abba rip-offs go...
  8. The Dooleys

    "...they were from Yorkshire... "
  9. Hi - Would anyone have for sale (or know where I can find a copy to buy of) Benny Spellman's 'It Must Be Love'/'Spirit Of Loneliness' on Alon 9027? It's not his money tune on Alon so theoretically it shouldn't be hard to find, I guess. Although I ca...
  10. Wanted - Treniers - Go! Go! Go! - Uk Fontana

    I don't have a complete list of Okeh's, Den. There are loads of 1920s Jazz 78s that came out on Columbia and Parlophone, some of which also came out on UK Columbia 45s in the early 50s - I have a couple of Louis Armstrong Hot Five and Hot Seven 45s in my own ...
  11. Wanted - Treniers - Go! Go! Go! - Uk Fontana

    'Peanuts' was 78 only on Philips, Den. I would imagine that Philips/Fontana were still pretty cautious about what they pressed on 45 for commercial sale when they first made the transition. There were ceratinly still a few 78-only releases on Philips its...
  12. Wanted - Treniers - Go! Go! Go! - Uk Fontana

    Per Pete, SJH is 78 only on Fontana, Den. Philips/Fontana were the last UK company to start manufacturing 45s for anything other than jukeboxes and a few of the early Fontana's were 78 only. I guess Dumplins made it to 45 because it was a hit in the states ...
  13. Swan Label & Global In M/c

    Bernie Binnick founded Swan and was involved in the label's operation right up to its demise, I believe. He rowed Dick Clark and his 'American Bandstand' producer Tony Mammarella in for a piece of the label at its incorporation - just as the people at Ca...
  14. Female Soul Duo's

    The precursor of all these (and probably more soulful than some mentioned so far) would probably have to be RPM's Teen Queens, of 'Eddie My Love' fame.

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