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  1. 100 Club 6TS


    Had a top time at this and thought Matt really pulled it out of the bag and delivered a great night - busy floor right through.

    Lars and Lisa were fantastic and we had a good healthy mix of classics and newies from across the board - 60s and 70s.

    Was also great when all the younger crowd like Zac, Scarlett and Jack came down from a local party and brought the vibes along with them.

    Top work all involved!


  2. True Soul


    Had another fantastic weekend in the beautiful city of Edinburgh - thought all the DJs played great sets - particularly enjoyed Cliff's last set on Saturday. Thanks to Colin, John, Dave and Lynne for being brilliant hosts and making us feel so welcome again! 😎

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  3. 100 Club 6TS


    On 19/08/2019 at 15:35, Jan2sugars said:

    Surly bouncer took my (empty) re-useable water bottle off me at the door.  He said I could collect it when I left. It had "got lost" by the time I left 2 hours later. Served beer in plastic beakers by equally surly bar staff .  A mountain of these plastic beakers going to landfill by the end of the night.

    Music very average, venue very grimy, toilets very smelly with black mould on wall. Don't believe the hype!  Much better Northern Soul clubs in London.

    All of these things are true and brilliant - BUT 'music very average' is a proper clanger :)

    Hey you either get it or you don't. We f*cking love it. Good luck at the other nights. atb 🖐️

    ps This is where 'the hype' comes from 😉:


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  4. 100 Club 6TS


    Thought that was a really great 100 Club and Steve and Calvin played some fantastic records - was great to have the Welsh crew down, was a brilliant atmosphere. 😎😎

    Sorry to have left earlier than we'd of liked - had some sunday commitments we couldn't get out of.


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  5. 100 Club 6TS


    Looking forward to hearing Tomas back on the wheels of steel and of course Andy. Nige played a blinder at VaVaVoom recently so all in all shaping up to be a cracker 👌 x

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  6. On 22/01/2019 at 20:45, eric catchpole said:

    Hope you are successful, but it ok having a few big tunes it's how the dj's put their set together, was never impressed at va va voom thought the original dome was far better with Greg, Carl, Alan and Matt as the front man, Lens Wellingborough was great as was Kempston rovers. 

    Hi Eric - fyi the original Dome events had / have nothing to do with VaVaVoom or vice versa. VVM was at a seperate venue (Boston Arms function room) that was on the side of the same building.  It was never intended to be or billed as any sort of replacement or follow on from the Dome events run by Alan and Carl etc etc. Thanks for your treasured support all the same.

  7. Shaping up to be another great party at Belair House on the 16th!

    Between us resident rascals you can expect to hear 45s like:


    Mr Lucky - Born To Love You - Stardom

    Benny Harper - My Prayer - Harper Soul

    Inell Young - What Do You See In Her - Libra

    Shirley Edwards - Dream My Heart - Shrine

    Talmadge Armstrong - This Life Is Tearing Me Down - Dap

    Emanons - Bird Walkin - All Brothers

    Masqueraders - That's The Same Thing - Soultown

    Benetia Miller - You Can Say Goodbye - Soul Groovers

    Ascots - Just A Few Feet From The Gutter - American Playboy

    The Tiaras - Foolish Girl - Op-Art


    ...oldies, newies, rarities, crossover and loads more - hope to see y'all there!  😎👍







  8. 100 Club


    I thought all the guest DJs played a varied mix of great sounds, plenty very obscure and rare but also classic sounds too. Big ticket baddies, through to barely known spins with a dash of r&s thrown in too.

    Hats off to Matt once again for curating another great night down the little stairs. 🕺😎🙏x

  9. Cannot wait had a murders at my office the last few months. Really looking forward to throwing some shapes on the dancefloor and getting in a proper pickle for three days straight. COME ON MANCHESTER

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  10. Just want to thank everyone who came, it was a superb night and all the DJs played fantastic sets. Our door staff were also excellent, many thanks. We had a couple of issues - one with sound in one room for very short while, and the light issue was also odd but we think it was mainly due to inexperienced staff at the venue. We'll note those down for next time. 

    Many thanks again! :hatsoff2:


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