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  1. NiklasW

    Gloria Shannon - Tears - Realside

    Same seller and up again?
  2. NiklasW

    Soulastatic Soul Club, Summer-Nighter, Sweden Aug 16Th

    And my sets as well Set 1: Messiahs of Glory - Thank You - Sky Hero Mediators - Higher - Mediators Records (LP) Motivations - Get Ready - Hi-Way (LP) Continental Showstoppers - Not Too Young - Seventy7 Duek & Leonard - Just Do the Best You Can - Stomp Town Trey J's - I Found It All In You - Tee Gem Masqueraders - Do You Love Me Baby - Wand Constellations - I Don't Know About You - Gemini Star Volumes - I Just Can't..
  3. NiklasW

    List Of Soul Labels/city

    Hi Chalky, More data equals better results of course! As of now i have filled the database with Daves list and record price lists from various sources from the net (about 12000 posts all in all). Already some patterns emerge. For example average price per label/city/state/grading. So any record data (old sales lists or whatever) can be added really. They need to have artist, title, label, price and grading to be useful. ..
  4. NiklasW

    List Of Soul Labels/city

    Thanks Dave! Let me know if you want to see the result.
  5. Hi all, I'm working on a demo in a BI product called Qlikview ( Anyways...I'm looking for a list of soul labels with info about city/state of origin. Does anyone have a list you're willing to share? Preferred format would be Excel, but I'm not picky best Niklas
  6. NiklasW

    Masqueraders - Do You Love Me Baby

    Sorted! Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi, Anyone got a copy to spare or are willing to sell? PM, please. Thanks Niklas
  8. OK, My copies are all sold out!
  9. That's one copy to you then Joe. I've sent you a PM. Still got a copy left. any other takers? /n.
  10. Nice try's Peters record though
  11. Hello, I've got an extra copy of 100 Club 29th Anniversary 7" KENT The Hytones - Good news / George Jackson - All In My Mind The record is in mint/unplayed condition. Seeing as this went for £64 on Ebay the other day I'm asking a measly £50 for mine including P&P. Orders to plz Thanks for looking!
  12. NiklasW

    Soulastatic Sc 15-16 August Gothenburg

    2 great nights, thanks Andy & Steve for some fantastic tunes! And a big thanks to Punky who went through the effort to set up a friday nighter with sound system and wooden floor to no extra cost! Here's what I played during my two short sets on friday: Jesse Boone - I got to love you - Soul Po Tion Caprells - Hey Girl - Bano Freddie Gorman - In a Bad Way - Ric Tic Sonny Raye - Eye To Eye - Jetstream Nick Allen ..
  13. NiklasW

    Rimini Weekender 7

    Don't know about Kristoffer, I'll ask him though.
  14. NiklasW

    Rimini Weekender 7

    We'll be a few coming down from Sweden too. Looking forward to this a lot!
  15. NiklasW


    last bump and reductions...C'mon now you know you want some! 100 Club 27th Anniversary Special: Gigi & The Charmaines - I Don't Wanna Lose Him/The Mysteries - Too Late Now (Kent) NM £30---> £25 IAP Co - Check Yourself (Colossus DJ) EX £30--->£25 ---all these down to £15 or 3 for £40------- The Showmen - Take It Baby (Swan) EX £20 ---> £15 Winfield Parker - I Wanna Be With You (P & L)..