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  1. Neece

    Some Prices Please

    Could any of you good people give me some prices of the following 45`s please: Bobby Womack - So many sides of you - TMG1267 The Dells - Your Song - 20th Cent Sam Dees - Come back strong/ worn out broken heart Leroy Hutson - All because of you Dynamic Superiors - Onenighter L J Reynolds - Key to the world - UK Capitol Jackie Wilson - It only happens / Where is love - Spanish Zafiro 45 Cheers Neece
  2. Neece

    Shakatak - Sunshine

    Yes great album that. Also try the Milano Jazz Dance Combo http://www.amazon.co.uk/Milano-Jazz-Dance-Combo/dp/B002KFW5FG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1271448677&sr=1-1
  3. Neece

    Jackie Wilson

    I too have a copy of that. Not a picture sleeve though. Any idea on price of this then ??? Cheers, Neece
  4. "For a woman who never touched a mop you sure cleaned out my bank" Jonny Adams - Going out of my mind sale Neece
  5. Hi Mark Looking forward to it
  6. Neece

    Dreamgirls - The Family

    Russ, Well worth trying Fish at First Experience Records.http://www.firstexperiencerecords.com/ or email markcoddington@btinternet.com Hope this helps, Neece
  7. Neece

    Jackie Wilson 7"

    Hi Simon, It`s not actually UK only. I have it on a Spanish Zafiro label too. Sorry but dont know the current price of either though. Neece
  8. Neece

    [Rs] clark sisters - livin`

    Title: clark sisters - livin` Artist: clark sisters Track: livin' Label: soul-tbc Record information:
  9. Title: mario biondi - i cant keep from crying sometimes Artist: mario biondi Track: i can't keep from crying sometimes Label: soul-tbc Record information:
  10. Neece

    [Rs] jazz juice - atravessar

    Title: jazz juice - atravessar Artist: jazz juice Track: atravessar Label: soul-tbc Record information:
  11. Neece

    Help With Some Prices Please

    Thanks fella`s
  12. Any one know the price of the following 45`s The Shepards - Stubborn heart - Jay Boy Irma Thomas - What are you trying to do - Imperial Laura Lee - If im good enough to love - Invictus Jackey Beavers - trying to get back to you Dade Ella Washington - stop giving your man away Sound Stage 7 Wales Wallace - Somebody I know - BRC TSU Toronadoes - I still love you - Ovide Garland Green - Just my way of loving you - Cotillion (Demo) Betty Everett - Unlucky girl - Uni Esther Phillips - Catch me im falling - Atlantic 2783 Thanks in advance, Neece
  13. Neece

    Thursday Crossover Again

    Holdin` on to your love - terry callier - 11899 refosoul Knew I should`ve bought the album, only got the 45, cheers for the info Dodge
  14. Title: terry callier - holdin` on to your love Artist: terry callier Track: holdin' on to your love Label: soul-tbc Record information:


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