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    Love Northern Soul, Mod, Ska, two-tone, Motown, blues, jazz, reggae and anything else I can dance to.

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    Love Runs Out - Willie Hutch

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  1. Hello Dave. I'm in Glasgow which isn't remote at all but in terms of 'the scene' there is next to nothing happening!
  2. Thankyou! I'll have to travel around a bit since there's not much on in my neck of the woods. Although I'm happy to be proved wrong!
  3. Thankyou Kev. I'm completely bamboozled but I will persevere!
  4. Hello. Am I doing this right? Looking to connect with other music lovers from anywhere and everywhere. Have yet to attend any allnighters or weekenders. But when things get back to normal that's my main aim in life!! Looking forward to making new friends!

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