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    dj TOO SWEET. Advocate for all soul sisters who love records whole-heartedly and unapologetically in a (wo)Man’s World.

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    Kat McKenzie
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    Richmond, VA, US
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    Female Powerhouse wails and Sweet Soul weeps

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  1. Hi Soulies! Names Kat and I reside in the US State of Virginia. they call me Too Sweet when I’m behind the tables As a collector, I’m heavy in the way of deep, sweet, funky, raunchy and rare Female soul. Forever advocate for women who get down on the dance floor, collect, spin, & love records whole-heartedly and unapologetically in A (wo)Man’s World. Can’t wait to expand my community, discover & learn new things from you all here at Soul Source. Xo
  2. Click Here for Ebay Auction Listing! Auction Live for 1960’s Bernard Smith and the Jokers Wild Benefit Poster from Richmond, Virginia. I live in Richmond, Virginia and sourced the poster here. As a Bernard Smith fan, when I discovered a small stack (8) of these big beautiful benefit dance posters in a metal cabinet drawer at an estate sale - I of course, rescued them. The copy I will be selling is the last one I have left of the 8 and probably the nicest copy of the bunch (besides the one I kept for myself.) The others had more obvious condition issues ie: mold/staining, tears, fading and one even had a child’s drawing of a house on the back. Those now live locally with other Virginia soul-loving friends. I have not been able track down any others like this or more information on the event. My guess is the benefit dance took place in either 1968 or 1969 as those are both the active years of the band with Bernard Smith and the poster printing company. If you’re not familiar with Bernard Smith & The Jokers Wild or their killer “Gotta Be A Reason” single, here’s a great A Nickel & A Nail interview with OG member and Sax player, Buzz Montinger, about their active years in the 1960’s. Some really great monologue in there about their travels around VA backing/opening for soul legends like Lenis Guess, “Sam & Dave, Jr. Walker, Spyder Turner, Clyde McPhatter and Bo Diddley”. Hell, maybe you are attracted to this for Ron Moody & Centaurs, The Soul Shakers or The Country Squires! This was a big bill for lil Richmond, Virginia. Oversized 22" x 28" window card printed in yellow and red by "Pizzini Poster & Printing Co., Richmond, V.A.".
  3. Patricia Denson & The Soul Expressions. Deep soul cut “I Thought I Heard You Moan b/w Home From Vietnam” on the ACHILLEAN - THE UNCONQUERABLE SOUND label. New to Soul-Source and looks like I just missed out on a minty copy of this that sold on here a few days ago! My luck. Maybe you have one you’re willing to part with? Preferably a VG- or better copyMust be willing to ship to this soul sweetheart in America.
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