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  1. andyrattigan

  2. The Root Down

    An evening of Dancefloor Jazz, Funk and 7ts through to Modern Soul at Lloyds Hotel, Chorlton, Manchester on Sunday evening 30th January 7-12 with Andy Rattigan. Free Admission. As I have sold all my vinyl collection I will be playing music from CDs so th...
  3. 2011-01-07: Luxury Soul Weekender Blackpool

    Catch you another time Dave regards, Andy
  4. 2011-01-07: Luxury Soul Weekender Blackpool

    It's so great to see so many Modern Soul fans embracing Jazz Dance. It was an amazing afternoon of music in there.
  5. [Rs] ben e king - smooth sailing

    This is one of my favourite tunes
  6. 2011-01-07: Luxury Soul Weekender Blackpool

    Hi Alison. I also enjoyed Colin C's Berlin Classics set. He is my favourite DJ by far with a very similar eclectic taste in music to myself. See you out and about in 2011
  7. Oh I do hate excessive acrobats. A little bit of floorwork is ok if done right but too many backdrops and excessive high kicking out of tune to the music doesnt constitute good dancing to me. Each to their own and as long as people are having a good time it s...
  8. 2011-01-07: Luxury Soul Weekender Blackpool

    Great weekender. Highlights for me were the Saturday afternoon Jazz Dance session and Colin Curtis's Mecca Memories set Saturday night. All in all a top weekend of Modern Soul from the 7ts through to today. There was even a couple of Northern Soul s...
  9. 2011-01-07: Luxury Soul Weekender Blackpool

    Only one more sleep. How fecking good is this going to be???....Awesome I reckon.
  10. News: Another Nail In The Vinyl Coffin

    It is probably inevitable that vinyl will die off completely. If there is any kind of Northern Soul scene left in 20 or 30 years, I would guess that the youngsters who will have to have embraced it for it to stay alive will be playing tunes off of mp3s o...
  11. Greatstone Soul Club - Crimbo Bash - Sat.18Th Dec

    Looking forward to this. Hope to fling myself around the floor to a few tunes.
  12. 2011-01-07: Luxury Soul Weekender Blackpool

    Am really looking forward to this weekend.
  13. Timothy Wilson

    "I must Love You" is another great 45 track by him and his 1978 album on H&L is an absolute masterpiece of Modern Soul.
  14. 2010-12-11: 100 Club-6Ts

    Cheers Ady, the jury is out on the sanity bit though.
  15. 2010-12-11: 100 Club-6Ts

    I might make the arduous journey down from Manchester by coach unless any one is driving down and would care to give me a lift. If this is the last 100 club as Ive heard rumoured Id be gutted if I missed it.

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