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  1. Looking for a decent (VG+ or better) copy of Barbara Mason- You'd better stop it (Arctic) Thanks all! Sadie
  2. Do you still have any of these left in Large?
  3. Lawrence Soul Club

    Monthly Gold Label Soul Nighter: flyers and photos and now the addition of Uptight Friday Night flyers and photos
  4. Wanted...badly

    Here's how we're sitting now...
  5. Wanted...badly

    Yes, finally got my hands on a copy! Thanks for asking
  6. Wanted...badly

    Hello, Thanks for getting back to me! It has absolutely been more of a challenge to find than it used to be. Feeling like I never should have traded it a few years ago;) Any idea what price we're looking at? Sarah
  7. Wanted...badly

    Thanks for checking! I've got one of those...hoping for one of the originals on Cameo;)
  8. Wanted...badly

    If you have copies of any of the following you're willing to let go, please contact me! Bobby Reed "Time is Right for Love" Bell Barbara Mason "You'd better stop it" Arctic Winfield Parker "Shake that thing" Arctic Doris Troy "I'll do anything"
  9. may-gold label soul

  10. uptight wednesday nights

    Why thank you! I try;)

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