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  1. RealPeoplesMusic

    Majestics - treat me like you want to be treated - Chex

    Still looking folks...any help is appreciated.
  2. Morning all, I’m after The Majestics - Treat me like you want to be treated on Chex Any help is appreciated Thanks
  3. RealPeoplesMusic

    Fred Hughes - Keep on trying - Exodus

    In Ex condition For sale - £200 Pm if interested
  4. RealPeoplesMusic

    Los Sonidos De F.M - Tema De Los Adolescentes

    First played and discovered by Mik Parry...he played it at 100 club. The RCA EP is the one to own, I think the orange RCA is a 70's issue. Mace is the man to ask about this, there was a massive thread a few years back when it was discovered. Great tune!
  5. RealPeoplesMusic

    Henry Mcwhorter - And Shake A Hand

    Still looking...
  6. RealPeoplesMusic


    Kitch had one for sale last week. Man from soul 45’s...
  7. RealPeoplesMusic

    For sale - Plas Johson/ Bobby McClure/ Lee Rogers

    All now sold
  8. Three great records for sale...all dancefloor winners! A Mod RnB dancefloor favourite - Plas Johnson - Downstairs - VG/VG+ (good gloss, a few little marks on record, plays great) - £110 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL-XbOfMkNg Funky soul dancer... Bobby McClure - Love's coming down on me - Klondike - EX £45 (very popular over the last couple of years) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx8510vex3Q RnB/Soul ..
  9. RealPeoplesMusic

    small list of sale...Gospel, Soul, RnB

    A few sales...have a listen. Pm if interested Dynamic Six - He's so good - Deliverance - VG/VG+ - £175 (unknown uptempo Gospel RnB dancer. Had spins at Pow Wow via Gav Arno, but still large unknown...this tune has lots of potential,used this clip as it is a better recoridng than mine) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdPFrJLhkNs El Count Executive..
  10. RealPeoplesMusic

    BOBBY BLAKNEY ("I'm Just Your Yo Yo Honey") Some Trades Added.

    try Geoff Swallow, I sold him my copy a few months back
  11. RealPeoplesMusic

    One Monster, Two Semi Knowns - All Dancers!

    Oscar Perry and Jimmy Angel now sold.
  12. Three nice sales here...all dancers! Four Vibes - You got Soul - Swa Ray - VG+ - £275 (semi known rare dancer that hasn't featured on many playlists, in fact I've never seen it listed on a playlist. One that I'll be hammering in 2018) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UwsRz3pyQ4 Oscar Perry - Face Reality - Feron - VG/VG+ - £700 - SOLD (Needs no introduction...uptempo dancer of the highest order, play..
  13. RealPeoplesMusic

    Ree Flores - Fine Girl on Chelan

    Any help in locating one is appreciated. Thanks
  14. RealPeoplesMusic

    Henry Mcwhorter - And Shake A Hand

  15. RealPeoplesMusic

    George Woods - I Know You Got Someone Else

    Hi Hammie, PM sent. Thanks for getting back to me

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