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  1. Soul Addict

    100 Club 'Nighter

    as best i can remember My Playlist 12am-00:30 Kenny Hamber - Anything you want - Arctic W/D Bobby Reed - You are - Clay Town The Tears - Good luck my love - Smash W/D The Mamselles - Open up your heart - ABC W/D The Volumes - That same old feeling - Impact (request) Jimmy Ricks - Oh what a feeling - Festival Issue LT & Soulful Dynamics - Crazy about you baby - Solo Talmadge Armstrong - Give it up - Spindletop W/D Eunice Collins - At the Hotel - Mod Art Eddie Holman - Forever loving you - Virtue 7" acetate Cam Cameron - They say - Capri 3am - 3:40 The Cashmeres - Show stopper - HEM The Spiedels - Dream Girl - Providence W/D Ernest Mosley - Stubborn Heart - La-Cindy Little Melvin & the Boleros - Jealous Lover - Valerie Nella Dodds - Honey boy - Wand Nella Dodds - Come see about me - PYE Intrl W/D Eloise Laws - Baby Doll - unissued 10" Invictus acetate Fortson & Scott - Sweet lover - Pzazz Milton Parker - Women like it harder - Closet The Stoppers - Come back Baby - Jubilee issue Barbara Jean & The Lyrics - Why werent you there - Big Hit Betty Moorer - Speed up - Wand Herman Hitson - You cant keep a good man down - Sweet Rose Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over - Tollie Gladys Knight - No one could love you more - Tamla Motown
  2. Soul Addict

    Rare Soul List Part 2

    Pm'd you Steve
  3. Soul Addict

    Rare Northern Soul 45's For Sale ....6/2/14

    pm'd you
  4. Soul Addict

    Filthy Soul Alldayer 20Th April

    Just wanna add my thanks to all who came along to Filthy Soul yesterday. Always good to see an appreciative crowd to revel in some awesome original 45s from our guests Paul Thrower, Dave Thorley and Flanny........... My 21:00- 22:00 playlist went a little something like this Sharon McMahan - Maybe you'll be back - Columbia issue The Charmels - As long as I got you - Volt The Originals - I'm someone who cares - Soul Percy Stone - Chained - Ram Carmelita - Rosebud - Carmen Pimmbrock Skiggs - That was yesterday -Pzazz Sheryl Swope - One moment - Duo Karen Pree - Make love last forever - Casablanca Herman Griffin - Are you for me or against me - Magic touch Exceptional 3 ft Ruby Carter - Unlucky Girl - Way Out Tammi Terrell - Come on and see me - Motown Herby Brown - One more broken heart - Blue Ash L'il Major Williams - Girl don't leave me - Palladium Minnie Jones - Shadow of a memory - Sugar Dolly Gilmore - Don't you know you're the yes - Dove Sandra Wright - Midnight affair - Truth Joytones - This love - Co-ed Norris Vines & Luvlines - Give in - Smile Bobby Reed - The time is right for love - Bell demo as I can remember in the order.... ish! lol hopefully see you 25th May
  5. Soul Addict

    Barry Wickham Rare Records California

    well yes on this occasion you are completely wrong.... I offered to take full responsibility for the shipment but this wasn't acceptable to the person representing BWRR on the other end of the conversation. The reason being that I trust dealers like Barry who I know have been around for a long time and have no delivery issues this end. My POINT if you had bothered to consider it was MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT WHAT YOU ARE INVOICED IS WHAT YOU REQUESTED!! nothing more, no badmouthing of the dealer, As I was cornered into either paying $50 or not getting the 45. The ordering screen gave ME the option to choose the postage level. The options were set up by the dealer..... but they didn't want to abide by the options they gave me. A situation that I felt was unfair. Yes I would have preferred to discuss it directly with Barry but wasn't given that option. Richard...... I don't know if you had to scour far for that set of definitions but there are many that simply say it's just a noun not mentioning derogatory..... meaning a subordinate. I have been a subordinate/underling... technically anyone that is an employee is such.... I don't see it as derogatory at all.... its very easy to be selectively sensitive by proxy, it wasn't aimed at you, merely a generalisation of someone who isn't the Boss.... Don't judge me , you don't know me, don't assume simply because you don't understand me that I must be taking a derogatory stance. There are plenty who do know me and will tell you that is not my way.
  6. Soul Addict

    Barry Wickham Rare Records California

    lol get a grip Richard ...... see the definition of 'Underling' before making yourself look silly
  7. Soul Addict

    Barry Wickham Rare Records California

    Thank you for your constructive suggestion Mace I tried various methods to allay there concerns although I didnt deal with Barry himself . It was either staff or some other underling answering my Emails in a quite abrupt manner so I decided to leave it.
  8. Soul Addict

    Barry Wickham Rare Records California

    Boba.,.... thank you for your comment..... maybe you should re-read VERY carefully what I posted. At NO point did I say he ripped me off, At no point did I Badmouth him, I merely expressed a factual account of a problem I felt others may need to look out for. Who the hell made you the arbiter of what merits a post and what doesn't? Suppression of freedom of information is the M.O. of Fascism. I'm not interested in your problems with gradings etc, so it would appear your post bears less relevance to this thread than you claim my original post does..
  9. Soul Addict

    Barry Wickham Rare Records California

    I never said there was no reply.... they replied but not satisfactorily. If I'm given the option to choose a level of postage and pay for it its my decision what risk to take not theirs. my post was merely a warning for others to check their invoices and not to assume that simply because you have request a particular service that the vendor will adhere to your request.
  10. Watch out when ordering from this dealer, Having ordered a 45 under £200 and selecting the regular $14 postage I was invoiced for $50 postage instead. Complaints fell on deaf ears so the order was cancelled. Just a heads up SA
  11. Soul Addict

    Filthy Soul FREE All-Dayer BH Sunday 26th May

    Part 2 of the May double header is almost here with another stellar line-up to spin some soul specials on Original 45 Joining Andy Wayne and Neil will be: Taffy JM Soul Ben Lyne Steve Guarnori We start the choonage at 4pm and run through till midnight As per the policy is 60s/70s Modern Northern and Crossover ............with added Sweet/Deep & 2Step for good measure consider your whistles wetted
  12. Soul Addict

    Filthy Soul FREE All-Dayer BH Sunday 5th May

    Well the Spring Sunshine has finally shown up and the boys are back to fill the air with sweet soul sounds on Original vinyl from the 60s/70s and some quality 80s/90s-Y2K Modern/Crossover/Northern/Sweet/Deep & 2Step. Joining Andy Wayne and Nelly will be: James Cronshaw Rob Messer Neal Birnie John J.P. Paddick Hope to see you there for some sounds to melt your heart and make you wanna shuffle your feet. (Please NO talc, the cleaners are threatening to come at us with mops!! )


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