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  1. Bearsy

  2. Anyone Know Anything About This ?

    My mate sent me a couple of sound files and it sounds like some British whites fellas doing covers of the classics. Not very good but not a bad attempt I suppose. Couldnt find anywhere on their website about cutting records and I have told him to give the...
  3. Anyone Know Anything About This ?

    I will see if I can get some sound files from me mate. Cheers great info
  4. Anyone Know Anything About This ?

    Pretty much what I thought too Pete but never seen one like it before so just wanted others opinions
  5. Hi I got a mate that has asked me for info on this but I ain't got a clue about it. Anyone shed any light please. Many thanks.
  6. Matt Or Silk Paint

    Personally I would give a mist coat (watered down or cheap) paint preferably a Matt as it will soak in and help the plaster breath and seal. Majority of Matt paints will mark and you can't wipe or clean it clean. Silk is more durable and most you can wipe c...
  7. Hi all I'm looking for a copy of Lonnie Lester - you can't go, Nu-Tone please PM me with your price and condition of record please many thanks Bearsy
  8. Dancing At Northern Soul Venues

    He would of felt my nut that's for sure
  9. Happy Birthday Bearsy

    Thanks I've had a great day spent with family getting spoilt
  10. Austin,tx Record Convention

    I beleive Dave Morris and Vince form Bournmouth are making the trip out there for the record convention.
  11. 3 Wants Please If You Can Help

    Carl Spencer & Brice Coefield sorted. many thanks still want Sam Ward
  12. Sugar Hill - Funk Bomb

    Gear price that Kev should fly out.
  13. Hi, I'm after these 3 but probably not all at same time as funds may not stretch but hopefully they will but I'm not desperate either ? Carl Spencer - Cover girl Sam Ward - sister Lee Brice Coefield - Ain't that right. Please pm me with pri...
  14. So are these auction items or set sales I'm confused ?
  15. Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip

    Top fella R.I.P Joe

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