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  1. These end today, Sunday! Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi everyone, I have a small nice list of auctions of Northern/crossover/sweet soul/funk 45s for sale on eBay. They are: Mary Holmes-Soul Brother Bert Keyes-Where or When Genie Pace-Just Counting Stars Bobby Sheen-It Ain't Easy Being Your Fool Freddie Waters-Love Is A Two Way Thing and more! Please check it out here: T..
  3. Ends today, SUNDAY, soon! Thanks to everyone for looking!
  4. Hi everybody, I have an eBay auction up for Kurt Harris's-Emperor of My Baby's Heart/Go On, original promo on Diamond. Great Northern Soul track, very rare. Please see the auction here: Thanks for looking! T.N.
  5. These auctions end today, SUNDAY! Thanks to everyone for looking, I really appreciate it!
  6. Hi everybody, Some great modern soul/boogie/funk/disco LPs and 12s up for auction. 130+ items, loads of quality. Tommy Butler on Zardaeo Archie James Cavanaugh-Black and White Raven Khemistry w/press kit Bruce Sampson-You're Bad 12" Ahmed Fakroun-Mots D'Amour Karin Jones Plush (sealed!) New World Generation Chas-No Better Love Carol Douglas-Love Zone Chocolateclay (Sealed!) Rhythm Makers-Zone 12" Starvue (Sealed!) Magnetic Tou..
  7. Hi everybody, I added some boogie/disco/modern soul items that might be interesting to some folks on here, including: Electro Funk 12" by IOU-Chill Out on Georgia Peach (GREAT Peter Brown/Patrick Adams electro vocoder jam, very cool) + I put a few very rare boogie 12s/LP BINs up recently, including: Vinzerrelli-Skate Dancer 12" Terea-s/t LP on Baby Grand SEALED Musicmakers-Jump Jump Jump 12" on Queen Constance Bruce Sampson-You're ..
  8. Hi everybody, A few possibly interesting BINs for soulers on the board, including: Ira Watson-Shining Star (Great Gospel Modern Soul Boogie) Madelaine-Who Is She (Soul Funk w/some breaks) Coke Escovedo-Comin At Ya (Latin Soul Funk, in demand!) Wynder K Frog-Out of the Frying Pan (Soul Funky Jazz) Here: Thanks for looking! T.N.
  9. Hi everybody, I have some stuff up for auction on ebay that might interest some on the board. Highlights include: Johnnie Taylor-Wanted: One Soul Singer LP The Exciters-Caviar & Chitlins LP Haze-s/t LP (private soul funk out of MN) Salem Travelers-I've Gone Too Far 45 (Soul Funk Gospel on Checker) Harmonizing Four-It's Real 45 (Soul Gospel on Checker) La Clave LP (sealed soul latin funk jazz) + more HERE:
  10. These end today, SUNDAY. Thank you for looking!
  11. Hi everybody, I listed some Northern Soul and Gospel 45s, including: The Flirtations-Stronger Than Her Love (on Festival) Lena & The Deltanettes-Turn Around Baby (on Uptown) Billy Watson-Get Myself Together (on Barracuda) The Precisions-A Place (on Drew) The Gospel Clefs-By The Water of Babylon (on Savoy) Harmonizing Four (on Checker) The Salem Travelers (on Checker) + more HERE :
  12. The above 45 ends today, Sunday! Thanks for looking!
  13. Added an auction for Seeburg Spotlite's "Back and Forth" 45, orange label, different from what I auctioned before with different B side. Cool tittyshaker track! Thanks for looking!