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  1. lord sinclair

    Sonny Oliver

    Hey desperately seeking for a Sonny Oliver Kee Mo Sa Bee. Thanks for offers. Lord Sinclair
  2. lord sinclair

    **** Inuz Moore - Wanted ! ****

    vg++ wieviel darf sie kosten?
  3. lord sinclair

    Any Interest / Price? E. Williams Jaadee

    Second hand book store for 50 cents, if anyone wants to know that fact. And for me, it´s one of the greatest songs ever. Too bad I don´t have the money to make him a sensible offer, apart from the fact, that he isn´t willing to sell it anyway. But I have it on one of his CDs, so it´s not too bad, just hear it, don´t DJ it!!!
  4. lord sinclair

    Vernon Greene

    Yes, I´m searching for Vernon Green & The Medallions - A Lovers Prayer Thanks!
  5. lord sinclair

    Something Weird

    Hey, don´t know if it really fits in here, but I´m in search for the Rod Stewart 45 "The day will come" on Columbia 7766, if anybody has one for sale, just send PM.Thanks. Stefan
  6. lord sinclair

    Lynne Randell - Wasn't It You?

    Hey don´t know if you still need the information, but it was on SC and I got mine for around 80 Pounds.
  7. lord sinclair

    2 Rare Ones

    Sent you a pm.
  8. lord sinclair

    Mr Perculator

    Hey, looking for a copy of Mr.Percultor (or is it Percolator)-"Burning up for your Love" on Wax-Wel. Anybody got one? Thanks. Stefan
  9. lord sinclair


    Well as the headline says, I actually search for the Parisians-Twinkle little star on Demon hot. Any offers???? Thanks
  10. anybody can send me that one too?
  11. lord sinclair

    Make Us An Offer

    sorry for ot, but is Joyce Taylor really at 400???
  12. lord sinclair

    Searching For Mr Bennett

    Yes he was thanks!!!!!
  13. lord sinclair

    Searching For Mr Bennett

    thanks, didn´t know where I should post it! Still in search!
  14. lord sinclair

    Searching For Mr Bennett

    Hey, i´m looking for Paul Bennett who djed in Munich a week ago. Just wanted to know what about the 45 you wanted to sell? Greetings Stefan
  15. lord sinclair


    Big Thanks!!!!!


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