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  1. Advice Please..ebay Damaged 45

    Here's a dilemna I have - rec'd a record in from US from a dealer I've bought from before and know to be honest good FB etc, perfectly packaged but cracked and unplayable. If I do a paypal chargeback I know I would win but would feel bad abo...
  2. Dare You Play This At A Local Soul Night

    Only on the Northern scene could this statement be made with a straight face ....
  3. Shipping From The Us To The Uk Now Sucks

    Um, He's a she .....
  4. Roy Handy

    Hi, I'm the seller of this record. A few points : 1 The record originally came from Saturn as part of the West Coast haul of a few years back along with a few other Stephanyes (Shirley J Scott etc). Not conclusive but not "naff all" either. ...
  5. Soul Self Satisfaction

    Am I right in thinking that C P Lee was in Alberto y los trios paranois who done a heavy metal parody record "Heads down no nonsense mindless boogie" amongst others back in the days of Punk ??
  6. Latest Ebay Warning

    Um I'm not actually Pete ! I knew abt cash being banned as a Method of payment a while ago my only gripe was E-Bay's heavy handedness along with the other E-Bay related frustrations like paypal claimbacks etc , Do you work for them or something ??
  7. Latest Ebay Warning

    I've accepted cash on E-Bay since February 2001 and not had it mentioned before plus have almost 2000 pos feedback. I only have it on a template to fill up space - virtually nobody ever pays cash ! I really don't think someone reported it or all my lis...
  8. Latest Ebay Warning

    EXACTLY the same things just happened to me. I have E-Mailed them to ask why "cash" couldn't have been removed but not expecting any great response. E-Bay unfortunately is getting more draconian and up its arse by the day ...
  9. Sleepless Nights 17th Nov

    Great nite Danny, I'll try to be there on 22nd December Xmas do's permitting ......
  10. Another great night of Northern Soul, RnB and obscure Motown ahead with Paul Davis, Glyn Williams, Big Rog, Charlie Gillan and Jim McCracken. Unfortunately John Dunne can't make it because of work commitments but should be a great nite anyway .... 8 - La...
  11. B-side Soul Club Belfast 27th October

    Ricky, It's 100% northern soul and open to soulies,mods,scooterists, punks,skins or anybody else ! I might even be playing some of the records I bought off you for a pittance at Maysfield ...... i
  12. B-side Soul Club Belfast 27th October

    Maybe the Portrush pussy will do Tiger Feet ???
  13. B-side Soul Club Belfast 27th October

    Might try it myself on Friday.....
  14. The best in rare Northern, RnB, Motown with Jim McCracken, Charlie Gillan, Big Daddy Roger, Gaz and guests @ McCrackens Bar, Joys Entry (Off High Street ) Belfast 8-3. First night was a cracker so this should be equally good !

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