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  1. Hi Rob..

    Please can I use your book review (spinning around a history of the soul lp) in the upcoming issue of Soul Up North?

    if ok, I'll give full credit and send a copy of the next issue.

     send your home address to : soulupnorthhfe@aim.com

    also drop me line on the soul up north facebook group... all the best, Howard

    1. howard E

      howard E

      Sorry John for misreading your name!!

    2. Roburt


      Yes, no problem. I'll e-mail you my address.



    3. howard E

      howard E


  2. Alma Faye : Don't Fall In Love. 45 rpm

    Hi.. the 7" is on Manship's site for £200. don't know how much the 12" is selling for though, sorry please facebook me.. Howard Earnshaw
  3. New Century Soul 10th Anniversary Allnighter

    well done. a great night and a pleasure to see Bunny and Ronnie, and meeting up with all the great soul crowd.. loved it.. Hx
  4. "if I Could Only Be Sure"

    yes, the very same.. released in the uk on the Probe label...
  5. Tamiko Jones

    Hi everyone, I'm currently compiling an article on Tamiko Jones for Soul Up North. If anyone has any information on this singer and if possible her current whereabouts and if she is still involved in the music scene, could you send this on to me at ...
  6. Otis Clay

    VERY HAPPY DAYS!! Howard
  7. Otis Clay

    Yes... and at Clifton Hall if I remember correctly!! Howard
  8. Soul Up North 56

    SOUL UP NORTH 56 - SUMMER Now that I've posted all the subscribers copies I can confirm that the latest issue of the 'Fan's Fanzine' is now available!! In this issue you'll find lot's of vinyl reviews from Detroit to Chicago and all points be...
  9. Help! - From Howard - Soul Up North

    I'll still like to thank you Roger, hey 'soul bowl'-- remember those great soul packs!!? H
  10. Help! - From Howard - Soul Up North

    Cheers Dave - your help is very much appreciated. don't hestate to ask for anything if you're ever stuck!!! all the best.. Howard
  11. Due to my incompetence I have managed to misplace my copy of 'My Heart Is Calling You' The Magnificents, as the next issue of Soul Up North is due out this weekend and there is a great Interview with the lead singer, I wanted to put the label pic. with the ar...
  12. Uk Miracle Label

    I've just picked up a copy of Brainstorm's, 'Lovin' Is really My Game' on the UK Miracle label, does anyone know what other singles were released on the label? Cheers.. Howard
  13. Has A Kid Ever Made A Decent Soul Record?

    How old was the lead singer of the Lil' Soul Brothers (D-Town) he sounds mighty young!! ... Howard
  14. Here's a list of the tracks I played at the Wilton last Friday... Reach Out For Me - Sweet Inspirations - AtlanticI Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - Cissy Houston - Pye Int.Every Day (I Have The Blues) - Billy Stewart - ChessOnly Love (Can save Me Kno...
  15. News: Soul Up North #52

    News/Article/Feature Highlight: Soul Up North 52 is planned to for issue for the Cleethorpes weekender. If you have something interesting to tell the soul folks who read the fanzine, why not give it a whirl? Venue reports, artist profiles and label dis...