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  1. What an absolute joy to see Garfield give an impromotu performance like that . Makes you realize why you collect this wonderful music . Loved the track since virtually being a new release and seeing him do that was so uplifting .
  2. Blue-eyed Soul?

  3. Blue-eyed Soul?

  4. How the hell is this not massive??

    Bargain that as it don't turn up all that often - the joys of unknowns . Singer reminds me of Edwin Starr in parts .
  5. How the hell is this not massive??

    Pretty much unknown 70's dancer - possibly UK only .
  6. Deleted post

    Deleted post
  7. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    What's 'flippant and blase' about pointing out that women in the USA enjoy their guns as well - in response to your suggestion that a female president would be the solution to eliminating the problem ? Infact gun ownership has increased amoungst females in th...
  8. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    I think the owners of Scottsdale Gun Club Phoenix Arizona USA and their patrons / members would take issue being described as a 'porno site'
  9. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    Doubt that very much . .
  10. Any info on this group ? Nice modern sound .
  11. Honey Welch - Woman child / It's me girl

    If you want 'It's me girl' - it came out on UK London as well as flip to 'I'm gonna try' credited to Honee Welch .
  12. Chuck Berry ... Rest in Peace.

    Chuck Berry once opened a restaurant called The Southern Air in Missouri. According to a former waitress, Berry wired the women’s toilets with a video camera and recorded some two hundred unsuspecting patrons using it. Charges were dropped when Berry agreed t...
  13. 'Shoes' / 'Sunny'

    Sounds like George Michael got Last Christmas from here -

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