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  1. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    What's 'flippant and blase' about pointing out that women in the USA enjoy their guns as well - in response to your suggestion that a female president would be the solution to eliminating the problem ? Infact gun ownership has increased amoungst females in th...
  2. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    I think the owners of Scottsdale Gun Club Phoenix Arizona USA and their patrons / members would take issue being described as a 'porno site'
  3. Country Music Festival Las Vegas

    Doubt that very much . .
  4. Any info on this group ? Nice modern sound .
  5. Honey Welch - Woman child / It's me girl

    If you want 'It's me girl' - it came out on UK London as well as flip to 'I'm gonna try' credited to Honee Welch .
  6. Chuck Berry ... Rest in Peace.

    Chuck Berry once opened a restaurant called The Southern Air in Missouri. According to a former waitress, Berry wired the women’s toilets with a video camera and recorded some two hundred unsuspecting patrons using it. Charges were dropped when Berry agreed t...
  7. 'Shoes' / 'Sunny'

    Sounds like George Michael got Last Christmas from here -
  8. I was talking about the LP not the 45 . Would have thought those budget covers LP's would have sold a fair few ?
  9. Thought there might have been a deluge of copies [Mike Morton LP] turn up after this thread but apart from the ones on discogs etc no more it would seem ?
  10. Tavares and Freda Payne

    Great tune that one - this is good as well -
  11. Minimum EX condition ,
  12. That they are identical recordings ? Unless there was another thread at the time I seem to remember it being left as '2 different recordings' with nothing conclusive ? Maybe a different thread ?
  13. 7-11-2008, 01:45 PM #13 bongolia Lonely Jelly Join Date May 2002 Location Leytonstonia Posts 4,132 ...
  14. It was mentioned on another forum back in 2008 where they were discussing The Mike Morton Congregation LP's . Seemed to cause some amusement that it was released as the Blue Sharks in Italy and fetching big money .