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  1. surfcity

    Willie Hutch / Bobby Hutton

    Font all wrong as well - easy to spot .
  2. surfcity

    Willie Hutch / Bobby Hutton

    Maybe that's why I never recall seeing one in the green striped sleeve - just assumed that they were sleeved the same as other current issues . Maybe different as they were 'northern' releases and not current ?
  3. surfcity

    Willie Hutch / Bobby Hutton

    Thank you sir - as I thought but not having bought it at the time wasn't completely sure .
  4. Anyone know what the correct abc sleeve was for the 1978 reissue ?
  5. What an absolute joy to see Garfield give an impromotu performance like that . Makes you realize why you collect this wonderful music . Loved the track since virtually being a new release and seeing him do that was so uplifting .
  6. surfcity

    Blue-eyed Soul?

  7. surfcity

    Blue-eyed Soul?

  8. surfcity

    How the hell is this not massive??

    Bargain that as it don't turn up all that often - the joys of unknowns . Singer reminds me of Edwin Starr in parts .
  9. surfcity

    How the hell is this not massive??

    Pretty much unknown 70's dancer - possibly UK only .
  10. surfcity

    Deleted post

    Deleted post


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