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  1. A 'sunny' version on a beautiful day -
  2. A relatively new semi unknown modern soul dancer - UK only .
  3. In light of the Mueller report conclusions it makes this release look a bit daft .
  4. No worries . I should have added to the post that it was good way of getting tunes that were expensive on 12" as well .
  5. Certain boogie / soul tunes have turned out to be very rare on 7" . Most would have gone for the 12" if available back in the day so the 7's sold zilch . I started buying the 7" version's of 12's I had sold / was selling over 10 years ago and then they were at give away prices [some in soul packs] . Some I have seen offered for sale on only 1 or 2 occasions and are big ticket items now . It makes sense really when you think that the 12" was king for this genre .
  6. That one is particularly offensive especially when combined with the original poster's 'posh middle classes' .
  7. You're welcome - nice cheapie .
  8. Shop Around - Memphis style...great stuff .
  9. Reminds me of Passion's 'Midnight Lovers' in parts .
  10. It's the subtle things that you mention that for me define the 2 step 'sound' . The drum bass intro with light 'scratchy' guitar riff or in the case of the Chuck Mangione mellow wind instrument .
  11. Love it - the intro is the absolute epitome of the 2 step 'sound' that was looked for . Sparse , slow but with just enough pace for a head nod . I could listen to just the intro looped over again and again on it's own .
  12. Thank you and a Merry Christmas to yourself as well .
  13. It was and I am surprised it has not been posted up until now - so cheers for that . Good to see Hall & Oates on that list - remember R & J Stone getting a reissue on Soul City ?

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