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    talkin shit and F1
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    george blackwell cant loose my head

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  1. coltaylor1


  2. coltaylor1

    Happy Birthday Alison From Leeds-Little Miss Detroit

    Happy birthday love col and Karen. Xx
  3. coltaylor1

    Northern Soul & Motown Memories @ Raggalds Bar

  4. coltaylor1

    Northern Soul & Motown Memories @ Raggalds Bar

    We are looking forward to another great nite at one of Pauls venues. Only thing is its new club,......Paul we would never find it SO our lovely Tony is! (hurrah)
  5. Last time we saw Rick was in Golden Lion in Tod and we had a laugh talking about good times. I carn't believe the news. He will be sadly missed. Rick was a really nice bloke, never said loads but was a real gent. Another good one hits the dust. bye for a bit mate......... Col
  6. coltaylor1

    Bradford mill lane rarer & underplayed Soul club

    We are really looking forward to this. always have a bril night. .... Col says hes coming PAul! Karenx
  7. coltaylor1

    The Magnet Hotel Oldham.....did You Go?

    Good nights loads from rochdale went rember leaving my mate harry be hind a wall till it closed , he was too pissed and couldnt get in
  8. coltaylor1

    Happy Birthday Tony Smith

    Happy Birthday Mate Have good one Col & Karen
  9. coltaylor1

    Happy Birthday Way Out Girl

    Happy birthday Sandra love from Col&Karen
  10. coltaylor1

    Happy Birthday Paul Harris (Soul45S)

    Happy birthday mate Colin&Karen
  11. coltaylor1

    Happy Birthday John Greenwood (Mouse)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE Hope alls well Love Colin & Karen
  12. coltaylor1

    Salmon-Dave Simpson Final Resting Place

    Will be there . Should do half &half city & old trafford
  13. coltaylor1

    Happy Birthday Kirsty

    Happy birthday Kirsty xx
  14. coltaylor1

    Anderson Brothers - I Can See Him Loving You

    think its a boot brought at wigan off awell none sellar for a fiver
  15. coltaylor1

    Salmon - Dave Simpson - Rip (Was: Very Poorly)

    just heard that salmons funeral is WEDNSDAY 22nd MAY AT 1,40 pm AT ROCHDALE CREMATORIUM BURY ROAD ROCHDALE OL11 4DG


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