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  2. We are looking forward to another great nite at one of Pauls venues. Only thing is its new club,......Paul we would never find it SO our lovely Tony is! (hurrah)
  3. Last time we saw Rick was in Golden Lion in Tod and we had a laugh talking about good times. I carn't believe the news. He will be sadly missed. Rick was a really nice bloke, never said loads but was a real gent. Another good one hits the dust. bye for a bit mate......... Col
  4. We are really looking forward to this. always have a bril night. .... Col says hes coming PAul! Karenx
  5. think its a boot brought at wigan off awell none sellar for a fiver
  6. just heard that salmons funeral is WEDNSDAY 22nd MAY AT 1,40 pm AT ROCHDALE CREMATORIUM BURY ROAD ROCHDALE OL11 4DG
  7. nice what you said Derek. Salmon will be sadly missed. The things I remenber about Salmom afre sandbach services before and after satafford. the cyberman from Preston. At Dave Malloys, and allthe other tricks you pulled on me, If I could write a book I would. there are so many things to remember him by would blow your mind, known Salmon for years seems like forever, cafrnt remember when I didn't know him, He wilbe sadly missed . Its a big hole taken out of my live. I will miss you like mad. I know you will be waiting for me and he wont be on his own when he gets there where ever he has gone on his journey. He will be welcomed by old friends - tooo many to list. you werent religous Salmon but be save you grumpy old get! Col
  8. There are loads of times I can think of where Salmon has had us in stiches. I might be blethering on. but feel i have to say Salmon was a many facetted person. A real diamond. I could tell you loads of stories about this grumpy outspoken bloke. But I will share one. When I couldnt gegt a babysitter for my lads, who are both in their 30"s now. and Col would go to a niter without me. And more often athan not I got a knock on the door about 10pm and in would stroll Ross and Salmon. Saying weve just called to make sure your ok. Theyd stay fro a bit. make me laugh - wind anybody who hd the misfortune to call in. And make sure my door was locked and the boys were comfy when they left. When Ross died I thought Salmon would not make it. He proved me wrong. Im not going to spell check this to to honour Salmon, who always said "Fucking hell Karen your a true blonde If you learn to spell you could go far!" Love you always fella. KAren x
  9. Salmon is still hanging in there. Had quite afew visitors last night. Joyanne and Pez stayed the night. Told him about the good wishes and he smiled. Such a brave man. - Karenx
  10. come on all you soulies get yourself down to Bradford great atmosphere,great people,best of all the music you wont be Dissapointed at this soul night
  11. One of the scenes great characters. Always up for a laugh. Willing to talk records or chat rubbish. see you Mickey Col
  12. Its with sadness that we say goodbye to Carole. We have loads of great memories of times with her over the long years. Carole did us the honour of being godmother to our daughter Devri. thinking of that time brings back a memory of Caroles suprise to hear Dev telling her "Aunty Carole your having a baby" Only to find out the following week she was pregnant! Another is remembering Shaun and Carole shouting down the phone "weve just had a boy!" These memories, among many many others, stand out most when I think of her. Sadly, Caroles illness has beaten her. But the thoughts of good times in the past will be with us and make us smile. Rest easy Carole KAren
  13. coltaylor1


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to you carl! Had a great time. cols just sobered up hahaha Karen

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