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    soul, socialism and football (well Dundee United, they can't always be described as football!!)
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    tough question, so much soul, so little time
  1. soulfularab

    Aberdeen Allnighter 4th April

    I had a great nite as well, well done to the lads and lasses who organised it. This is an absolute top quality venue and coming out at 6am to see the sun rising over the North Sea just topped it off for me ! well done all the djs but special mention for Kenny Burrell for playing Christine Cooper - Heartaches Away, I totally love that tune. Roll on the next one, Spetember if I rember right.
  2. soulfularab

    Aberdeen Allnighter October 4th

    well done to the organisers and djs. great night in an excellent venue with that many people in. dancefllor packed righ tthrough to 6am. also good to see a good number of young people there enjoying themselves to great soul music. roll on the next one. I notice there are 2 nighters planned for next year, looking forward to them already
  3. soulfularab

    Dundee - Soul In The City - Friday 30th May

    looking forward to a great night and if we are going with the footballing theme can we please have some tunes on the Tangerine label for me please !
  4. soulfularab

    Dundee Anniversary

    It was a great night in a decent new venue, really strange getting a lift into a venue though ! shame about the clash with the other event along the road (200 yards away !?! ) but hopefully quality will win through, really enjoying the CD over last few days. Was good to see quite a few people there who were at their first soul night. Great set from Keith Money to round the night off, had the dancefloor bouncing. Looking forward to the next one already.
  5. soulfularab

    Dundee 7th Anniversary Fri 28th March - New Venue

    looking forward to hearing those great tunes in a new venue, see you all there !
  6. soulfularab

    Blackpool Last Night Anyone?

    I dont want to reduce the whole event to just the dancing competition but agree with the comments that the best dancers were Liam and Gemma (I'm guessing their names from previous posts) and I also thought there were good dancers eliminated earlier on, which from my view point of the first floor balcony was because they were dancing further away from the stage and werent pushing themselves forward (or flashing their underwear!!). The choice of music for the competition was also quite strange. I also thought it was significant that out of the final 5 or 6 dancers from the competition I only seen the afore mentioned Liam and Gemma on the dancefloor the rest of the weekend, so big up to you. Myself and my partner had a great weekend in a truly outstanding venue. We had a table at the edge of the dancefloor on the friday night which was literally bouncing (the tables and the dancefloor !). Met some great people who were very welcoming to someone like myself who has only really been attending my local nights for around 2 years. The Friday warm up and Sunday wind down sessions in the venue on the North Pier were also very good and same as others I heard a few repeats (I think I heard Jeff Perry - Love Dont Come No Stronger 3 times over the weekend) but having the space to have a wee wander round the Tower Complex was great for me trying to pace myself through the Saturday allnighter, the bar prices were very reasonable as well. I only went into the Modern Room for a bit of a nosey as I'm not really a fan and only stayed for around 10 minutes but everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. My partner is an occasional attender to even our local soul nights but she absolutely loved the weekend despite having a few reservations beforehand, she wants to book up for next year already.
  7. soulfularab

    Dundee - Soul At Satchmos

    really looking forward to this, always a good night and hopefully a good sized crowd in. see you all there.
  8. soulfularab

    Satchmos Dundee Soul Club

    Another good night musically at Satchmos and I'm loving the CD given away on the door lads. stand out tracks for me so far are Superlatives, Bob Relf, Lovettes and Vic Marcel. Hopefully attendance will pick up again from local people, they are missing out on so much great soul music.
  9. soulfularab

    Soul At Satchmos - Dundee - Fri 24th Aug

    Looking forward to it as usual, always a good night. see you there
  10. soulfularab

    Dundee Northern Soul Club

    looking forward to this one tonight. Won't get there 'til after 9, but by hook or by crook I'll be there, see you all then !!
  11. soulfularab

    Dundee Soul Club 6th Anniversary Friday 16th Feb

    I'm really looking forward to this one as well just don't run out of CDs 'cos I can't be there before 9 ! Hopeful of bringing along a couple of new faces as well, see you then.
  12. soulfularab

    Dundee Northern Soul Club

    they were good nights although i remember a couple of mad nights in the mary magdalenes with us mods on one side of the room and skinheads (boneheads) on the other. somehow the dj managed to keep the peace but usually all hell broke lose outside afterwards ! I can remember the days (mid 80s) when we used to have mod nights in the old YMCA every friday night and the mary slessor centre on every saturday night ! and I remember helping organise a mod allnighter in the mary slessor when some bright spark (Ingy) thought it would be a good idea to not have any chairs in the hall cos he'd seen a picture from a 60s mod club (the scene, I think) that had no chairs ! some very uncool looking mods by half 5 in the morning
  13. soulfularab

    Dundee Northern Soul Club

    As if ?? respectable citizen me. I cut and paste it from either this site or the soul scotland one. too much like hard work to nick one of your posters from the door, then scan it in and then resize it !! see you friday !
  14. soulfularab

    Dundee Northern Soul Club

    if you went to the Mary Slessor Mod nights regularly I must know you. Shout & Shimmy Mod Society lives on !! my name Is Jim and I'm still mates with Mike A (spade),Alan L & Grant B. I know most of the names you listed above and still see some of them regularly, as well as folk, like Wally, PC (Justin's brother) and lasses like Ali and Bev. Unfortunately both twinnies fae Fintry are now tragically dead. Mark died a few years ago and Graeme only a couple of months ago. Great site John and looking forward to the first night in the new venue at Satchmos !
  15. It was good to see a decent sized crowd in and another great night with some top tunes spun by both the resident and guest dj's. any chance of some playlists ? the free cd given out has been blasting from my speakers for the last few hours and stand out tunes for me on that are Jimmy Conwell - Let It All Out, New Holidays - If I Only Knew and Betty Wright - Keep Feeling. roll on November


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