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  1. Marisa

    Calling Soul Source Soul Geniuses

    Thankyou very much alan t! You've made my day. Been trying to identify it for weeks. Had a feeling it might be called 'Without You' but not knowing the artist made it difficult to track down. Was not expecting a reply so soon but haven't been on here for ages. It's a great feeling to know i have a community of like-minded music lovers i can call on at times like this. ACE!
  2. Hi all, I am trying to identify the name and artist of a song which i discovered again recently after listening to it on one of John Manships old cassette tapes. It's a late 70's soulful dancer. It starts with an instrumental strings opening, almost sounding like classical music, then goes into a funky, bassy, soulful sound and goes like this: 'Turn my house, into a home. Makes me feel loooove, i'm not alone'......then it go..
  3. Marisa

    Raphael Saadiq

    BIG UP RAPHAEL SAADIQ - Keeping soul ALIVE in the 21st century!
  4. Marisa

    Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly

    Yes, I saw them in hammersmith, late 80's too. Unforgettable, experiencing 'Joy and Pain' and 'Before I let Go' live!
  5. Marisa

    Favourite Tunes Featuring Guitar

    Thanks everyone for your replies so far. Much appreciated. Soundfiles would be great though. He is keen to hear the tunes and has been checking thiis site himself! Meanwhile he is looking out for the ones already suggested, so thanks once again and i'll keep you posted on which ones he likes best.
  6. My teenage son is asking me to source out some tunes for him that feature guitar such as: 'I Forgot to be your lover' by William Bell. It's his current favourite. He is into rap, hip-hop, grime, R n B etc. (at the moment!) As those of you with adolescent children know, parents tastes are rarely and if so, grudgingly given any kudos, so I thought who better to turn to than the brilliantly extensive knowledgable soul source comm..
  7. Marisa

    Favourite Soul Disco Tunes

    'Ooh Boy' by Rose Royce - makes feel like i'm melting, love it! A big shout for our very own Central Line's 'Walking into Sunshine' - makes me feel happy. The 12"/extended version of Curtis Mayfeilds 'Move on Up' - I could listen to it forever
  8. Marisa

    Neptune Records

    Actually it's the song by Dee Dee Sharpe i'm thinking about. Remembered in my sleep! Anyone got a soundfile of 'Touch my Life' anyway?
  9. Marisa

    Neptune Records

    Was Bunny Sigler involved in 'Touch My Life' recorded on PIR. Love this tune and haven't heard it for years.
  10. Marisa

    Beaten By The Rhythm

    Can I de-nominate Nick Allen, 'Hard way to go' as I just had a good bop to it with my daughter, who can dance to anything. I don't remember hearing it played out more than once yet it is such a great record. (Don't go to Northern do's often so does it get played and what kind of response does it get?) Come to think of it, the only tracks I can't dance to are the ones I don't like.
  11. Marisa

    Beaten By The Rhythm

    Hi Michael You certainly have a way with words! Your post sure bought a smile to my face. Some good nominations so far. Here's one of my favourite tunes: Nick Allen - "Hard way to go" (Walas) Look forward to hearing soundfiles on this thread!
  12. Marisa

    Favourite Soul Disco Tunes

    Good thread Issaac Hayes - Can't turn around Natalie Cole - Annie May Salsoul Orch - Take some time out for love Weldon Irvine - I love you BT Express - This house is smokin' Boogie anyone?
  13. Marisa

    Favourite Soul Disco Tunes

    Hi Manny Yes, I like soul that was played in the discos but can't stand the overproduced, electronic stuff that later became disco. So Earl Young is responsible for the death of soul The song 'Baby I'm Back' (not come back but yes written by J Mithcell) is on 'The Blue Album' from 1979. The album also has 'Tonights the night' on it with S. Paige and is a Promotion Only original.
  14. Marisa

    Favourite Soul Disco Tunes

    Adding to list of Harold Melvin and Blue Note tunes - 'Tonight's the Night' but my favourite HMBN song is 'Baby I'm Back'.
  15. Marisa

    Favourite Soul Disco Tunes

    'I love Music' and 'Ain't no stoppin' us now'