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  1. WPaulVanDyk

    New Cd Out Monday Same Old Same Old

    This might get new people into Northern soul but they could have brought other older comps without the need for a new one to be released. All i think is that it's people trying to jump on the bandwagon and cash in with some money. Also as someone pointed out here if people hear this CD for first time and go to a Northern soul night a lot of these won't be played. As for Levanna being the face of Northern soul. She seems nice e..
  2. WPaulVanDyk

    Soul & Motown Nights

    don't normally go to these but have Dj-ed at one mind you i was on first so snuck in a lot of stuff not expected at the night. Might aswell not have soul and motown nights instead just call it oldies night for anyone into 50's - 80's music they might like pop aswell and stuff.
  3. WPaulVanDyk

    Soul In Florida

    Not been on a while and wondered if they have Northern soul events in Florida. Would be nice to know as taking a holiday there. i know this year was soul trip USA but maybe some know if there are clubs playing Northern soul out there Matthew
  4. WPaulVanDyk

    Northern Soul Artists

    If in terms of who made is commercially away from Northern soul then Candi Staton, Sam Cooke, the Driffters. All of which made either 1 or only a few Northern soul to turn it round you also have Jackie Wilson who made a big lot of success for Northern soul tracks aswell as commercial music
  5. WPaulVanDyk

    Multi Room Events

    well any venue i go 2 with 2 rooms i only stay in the oldies and wish they wouldn't play any Modern in it, not that i hate modern just love 60's more. I doubt i would attend a modern all nighter either.
  6. WPaulVanDyk

    Loleatta Holloway Rip

    Not been here in a while but what sad news for a great soul artist especially in the late 70's and 80's. Black Box did a great job with her sample on there track
  7. WPaulVanDyk

    Patrice Rushen, Haven't You Heard On Elektra

    i have never heard it in Peterborough, only Kirk Franklin which is massive although that seems to have been played less last year
  8. pretty good version. and the My Love is Your Love have that on Smokey Robinson and Miracles LP. worth digging out and playing
  9. Hello, not been on in a while and i thought i would share that i have started a soul show on Peterborough FM (community radio) 87.7. I should have told you as my first show was yesterday 3.00 - 5.00. Next Friday it will be 5.00 - 7.00 and then a week break and hopefully as the station goes off air on radio dial. It will be online for a bit so will let you know if the show is back for online (they said should be possible) link to site..
  10. WPaulVanDyk

    Good Old Record Shops

    There is a place in Peterborough House of the Boardeline down some allyway near tattoo place that sells records here. Been here years, has loads of old soul/funk LP's and Motown usually sold by condition. So if you get an LP for £5 and same one he selling for £10 it will be based on condition. I saw he only had record collector price guide from 2000 and hadn't updated it. Mind you i asked once if he had any Northern soul singl..
  11. WPaulVanDyk

    How Long Will N.soul Last

    fact is you can say it will carry on but there's a problem. your going to a venue now say with 100 people attending and you see 5 people under 30. and you think if that is the case what happens in years to come will it be a venue for Northern soul with 10 people attending and the ones who are 20/30 are now 50/60 and they don't see anyone who is under 40 coming.
  12. WPaulVanDyk

    Cee Lo Green - Old Fashioned

    well i think he is soul-full and just because he was part of some rap group dosen't mean he is bad, I like him and the single is great
  13. WPaulVanDyk

    Record Rooms

    i can't show you ouyr dpare room of records since is it a top and needs sorting. I have been known that people can see a whole loads of CD's in background when i do you tube videos. That's my cd singles and only part of them i have shelfs of over 4,000 cd singles collected over the years of all music genres. everything from the band A to The Zuttons and even singles on soul singers like Kenny Thomas, Stevie Wonder etc.
  14. WPaulVanDyk

    News: General Johnson Rip

    Not been here in a while and have to say when i heard the news it was sad. He has been one of my fav singers in any soul band for a long time and he will be missed. love the song they did in the 80's called Loverboy. Our Love Will Grow is classic Northern RIP General
  15. WPaulVanDyk

    The P'boro Wirrina

    I wish i had been able to attend but was born when the best period was. dad went all the time and has memories. we even did a DVD and added about the club. as told dad saw some fantastic music acts there Major Lance, limmie and the Family Cookin, Billy Butler, The Exciters