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  1. Lynsey_Wez

  2. Thanks for the replies folks!
  3. Sonny Daye - long long road to happiness/bridge of love - Power 008. Hallo! does anyone know whether this was ever re-issued or booted. Am selling some records on flea bay & am not sure about it. Nice moulded label & stuff, just wanna be sure it...
  4. 2011-04-23: Burnley Allnighter The Kestrel Suite

    Looking forward to this tonight, cant wait! ....................Having a bit of trouble setting the sat nav up though! Postcode is bringing up 'Mount Pleasant Street' not 'Whittam Street' as its advertised as...........any help appreciated people! Is this ven...
  5. E-bay Seller

    I recently bought a record from him. i think it was shipped about 5 days after i paid for it, but it didnt arrive for just over 4 weeks. longer than usual from the USA! i didnt check the wrapper but maybe it was shipped by surface mail instead of airmail? any...
  6. Bentinck Mw - Friday 15th Aug

    Hallo, we havent been to Bentinck for absolutely ages, a few years probably. I suppose we should really! we only live 5-10 mins drive from the place since weve moved house!
  7. Hallo, was nice to see you both at Winsford! I had a good night......I even danced a few times! Which is rather unusual nowadays! Hope you had agood night there too ;)

  8. Winsford Allnighter

    you know, now i think about it.....im sure it was your spot steve - the 1st spot..there was a song probably about half way through.it was an awesome banging uptempo track, what was that?? meant to ask you that night, but as usual i got carried away with other...
  9. Do You Know What I Find Really Annoying?

    haaaaaaaaaaa oh dear lol! im sorry, i couldnt help but laugh out loud at this post. its so true & its exactly what i was trying to put across - only you expalined it better than me.........haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, its given me the giggles! w...
  10. Do You Know What I Find Really Annoying?

    oh right, myth in peterborough is it? lucky sods
  11. Do You Know What I Find Really Annoying?

    lol whos moanin? the thing is: years of pi** taking takes its toll
  12. Do You Know What I Find Really Annoying?

    good post jim! i havent had time to post all week, ive looked at peoples responses but havent had time to answer. thats exactly whats been happening, however many people get offended by somebody saying it out loud (or typing) the fact is that nobosy can d...
  13. Do You Know What I Find Really Annoying?

    yes, been there twice. loved it
  14. Do You Know What I Find Really Annoying?

    good point, but i dont think a dj wouldnt have to criticise another dj to answer the question. a personal point of view about this from a dj would be good to hear though!

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