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    Hard Tymes - I ask a question (ruby) 45
  1. Flanny ... i have a brand new (was sealed) copy. It's as good as the day it was born :O) please email if interested ... Ps. it's an *ORIGINAL* copy, not the Re-issue.
  2. Moments - A Moment With (Stang) The Artistics - Look Out (Brunswick) I've both these LPs for sale if u are still interested? Beautiful MINT copies. Both bought sealed ... opened and played just the once ... still as good as brand new please email if interested.
  3. more info in link above ...
  4. JANICE EDWARDS - Janice Edwards (RESPOND INT'L) LP - 1991 Brand New Original Copy For Sale! 2-step Heaven! It was sealed. I opened it. Played just the once. Safely stored away for many years since. Absolute perfect condition! £60 ... reflects very top condition, genuine rarity and doesn't turn up much! Interested? ... email
  5. it's this Saturday evening. join us if u can ... lovely relaxing atmosphere ... and between us all, some real beauties lined up, ready to spin ... all for Charity!
  6. To help promote the Charity doo Shaun Evans & Marcus Bell are 'live on air' this coming Wednesday 20th July for a *Real Soul* Radio Show Special. Catch 'em, if u can for a feel/flavour of the up-&-coming Charity evening. *Real Soul* Special on 8-10pm Wednesday 20th July.
  7. Here's the listen back link to Sunday's *Real Soul* radio show, with Wayne & myself giving u a feel/flavour for the up-&-coming Charity doo. Best, Shaun.
  8. again, i'm not disagreeing with anyone & the debate's definitely not with me, personally. and i do need to move on ... i'm just pointing out what i believe has happened, knowing the person.
  9. i'm not disagreeing with u, by the way. i'm just pointing out that dave's an ebay novice & hence this happened. just in case there's any slant on his character from some of the 'hang 'em high' vultures on this forum, lol ...
  10. vince, dave is a friend of mine ... u would be hard pressed to meet a nicer fella', honestly. this would definately have been a 100% genuine mistake on his part not knowing his way around the bay. i'm sure u can come to some amicable solution. hope it works out ... best wishes, shaun.
  11. Please click on the following link for all the information ... *Real Soul* for Real Soul People! *Real Soul* Charity nights give the djs a *Real* chance to express themselves for such worthy causes. Join us if u can. Sit back and relax or do a little shuffle to those 'clench fist' Soul records. Whether just a fiver or an expensive one. Makes nout' difference to us. It's definitely all about the musical quality ... best, shaun. _____________________________________________ *Real Soul* for Real Soul People! The 2nd instalment (Charity Night) @ the home of 'Treacle Soul' Saturday 23rd July The Queens Head 34 Lawn Lane Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire HP3 9HL 01442 240169 The *Real Soul* (Southern Branch) Club of DJs presents a quality 'Home Counties' Soul Music Night: 19.45pm - 21.30pm = Dave Grimes + Keith Long 21.30pm - 23.00pm = Shaun Robbins + Shaun Evans 23.00pm - 00.30am = Wayne Arbon + Marcus Bell Charity Night: *Dreams Come True* Bringing joy to terminally & seriously ill children Contributions on the night (as much as you can afford please, for such a worthy cause). Real Soul Nights (always the chance for DJs to express themselves) From Curtis Mayfield to Hard Tymes (Ruby) From Four Tops to Joe Odom From Jerry Butler to Johnny Andrews & The Enjoyments Expect it all!
  12. It's tonite ... :ohmy: ... ! If any soul-sourcers are able to support this evening will b brill' to c u ... ... ! 6 hours of *Real Soul* music, all the way ... mid-pacers, ballads, dancers ... just fist clenching ... devastating Soul music !!!!!!!!!! all for Charity ... just great fun ... !
  13. i think we're there, or there abouts ... it's brill' to be able to bring the Soulful London Clans together, under one roof, for Charity ... if you are able to support the event and come along it should be great fun ... we will keep to the *Real Soul* music format 'all the way' ... join us, if u can ...

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