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  1. Brothers Unlimited - Whos For The Young Lp

    Flanny ... i have a brand new (was sealed) copy. It's as good as the day it was born :O) please email shaunrobbins@hotmail.com if interested ... Ps. it's an *ORIGINAL* copy, not the Re-issue.
  2. Various Lp's Wanted

    Moments - A Moment With (Stang) The Artistics - Look Out (Brunswick) I've both these LPs for sale if u are still interested? Beautiful MINT copies. Both bought sealed ... opened and played just the once ... still as good as brand new please email s...
  3. http://s2.excoboard.com/ems/163026/2332154 more info in link above ...
  4. JANICE EDWARDS - Janice Edwards (RESPOND INT'L) LP - 1991 Brand New Original Copy For Sale! 2-step Heaven! It was sealed. I opened it. Played just the once. Safely stored away for many years since. Absolute perfect condition! £60 ... reflects very top...

    This weekend ... lookin' forward to meeting up with a few old friends ... the round robin, for 2.5 hours should be just great fun ... not sure if it's been done before? ... 2 x LP tracks or 45s continuously each ... mostly our wish list items ... definitely leaving those too obvious tracks, at home ... the wakey boys sing-a-long last hour is always a traditional high-light too ... then the pie shop :O) soul nights how they used to be ... !

    All the information required is contained within this thread link ... http://s2.excoboard.com/ems/163024/2294668 hope this helps ... >2300 views ... !

    Hot Press ... Hot Press ... Hot Press ... Hot Press ... Hot Press ... Hot Press ... THE MENU (Saturday) 2:00 PM *Wakefield City Soul Club's* Finest ... ! 8:00 - 10.30 PM *Real Soul's* Ensemble Round Robin ... ! (Ivor Jones / Zane Hunter / Shaun Robbins / Bob Smith / Wayne Arbon) 10:30 PM Zane Hunter 11:00 PM Shaun Robbins 11:30 PM Bob Smith 12:00 PM Wayne Arbon 12:30 PM Ivor Jones 1:00 AM *Wakefield City Soul Club's* John Britton & Chappy 2:00 AM Pie Shop ... ! REAL SOUL NIGHTS ... more of the wish list ... less of those anthems ... ! REAL SOUL NIGHTS ... more of the wish list ... less of those anthems ... ! REAL SOUL NIGHTS ... more of the wish list ... less of those anthems ... !

    http://s2.excoboard..../163024/2294668 Click on our Essential Modern Soul link (above) or copy/paste into browser for more information ... plus, a few examples of the types of spins to be played ... Hope this link helps :O)

    Real Soul for Real Soul People ... For the love of the music.

    Real Soul for Real Soul People ... for the love of the music. _______________________________ *REAL SOUL* ALL-DAYER (PART III) _______________________________ Saturday 5th November - 2pm to 2am. Red Bar, 3 George & Crown Yard, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF1 1UQ. DJs Wakefield City Soul Club's Finest Real Soul's Ensemble Bob Smith Ivor Jones Zane Hunter Wayne Arbon Shaun Robbins ______________ *CHARITY EVENT* ______________ Real Soul Charity Nights = Always the chance for DJs to express themselves! From Jerry Butler to George Jackson. From Four Tops to Hard Tymes (Ruby). From Michael Kirkland to Ike Noble. Expect it all!
  11. it's this Saturday evening. join us if u can ... lovely relaxing atmosphere ... and between us all, some real beauties lined up, ready to spin ... all for Charity!
  12. on air tonight ... ... !
  13. To help promote the Charity doo Shaun Evans & Marcus Bell are 'live on air' this coming Wednesday 20th July for a *Real Soul* Radio Show Special. Catch 'em, if u can for a feel/flavour of the up-&-coming Charity evening. *Real Soul* Special on ra...
  14. Here's the listen back link to Sunday's *Real Soul* radio show, with Wayne & myself giving u a feel/flavour for the up-&-coming Charity doo. http://www64.zippyshare.com/v/40076303/file.html Best, Shaun.
  15. again, i'm not disagreeing with anyone & the debate's definitely not with me, personally. and i do need to move on ... i'm just pointing out what i believe has happened, knowing the person.