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  1. soulful cris

    soulful cris

  2. soulful cris

    Nice Stuff - Ray Barretto, Nick Waterhouse, Chris Clark Etc

    Hello there, is Oscar Weathers still available please? Many thanks Cris
  3. soulful cris

    Rimini 2006

    Hello my friends wherever you are now! personally I am still in Rimini enjoying the whole month of july on the beach Anyway...... A HUGE THANK YOU from me ,Cristian and Simone for making this year yet again a very special rare soul weekender. We are taking in all your comments and realise that obviously you can't always please everybody, especially when you make a point of having an across the board music policy in one room ....you always end up doing too much of this or that no matter how hard you try in getting the perfect balance. Anyway it's good to see that most of you had a very good time and hopefully we'll see you next year, the dates will be out soon along with some playlists. Allright then....I think it's time to get back to my aperitivo on the terrace Luv xxx Cristina
  4. soulful cris

    News About Rimini

    Hello Folks, just as Maria said John Weston will be in Rimini too, that's absolutely fantastic news . We also would like to remind you that easy jet just added a flight from Stansted straight into Rimini, which make things even easier for you guys to reach out for soul and sun . See you all there
  5. soulful cris

    News About Rimini

    Hello folks, just a quick one to say that unfortunately Keith Money just advised us that he wont' be able to take part to the weekender. We are obviously very sad about the news, since we all immensely appreciate his music, but we also know that the reason he can't make is job related and serious, so we really hope he will be in Italy very soon. Best xxx Cris


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