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  1. 6Ts Anniversary Singles

    I have the Wally Cox, but thanks for the post. All the best Ion.
  2. Anyone with 3 weekend passes, please message me.
  3. Prestatyn

    Looking for three spare tickets for Prestatyn Weekender..
  4. 6Ts Anniversary Singles

    Hi In-Town Thanks for reply, well I have that single, but thanks anyway. All the best.
  5. 6Ts Anniversary Singles

    I am looking to complete my collection of 100 Club 6Ts Anniversary singles. I started attending the allnighters in 87, but somehow missed the single that year. My collection started with the 8th Anniversary single 1988 Number 6T 4. I realise numbers 6T...
  6. 100 Club: The Remedy

    Must admit I wasn't goin as much, but that was soul do's in general. Also was not feeling it as much as I use too, hope you get some new blood through the doors. You have had an amazing run 30 years, hope it goes on for a lot longer. I know that I won't...
  7. The Magnetics - Lady In Green

    Think its some how reassuring to have some history of whom had records before you owned them yourself. I love that idea that records like music should never be owned and are just in our keeping for a certain time. I say never owned, I mean that we obvious...
  8. Soulcast's Jim Demetriou Passes Away

    I was was outside the 100 club Saturday when Liam told me the news, after the shock, it seemed some how fitting that I should have been told there, as he loved it so. Jim was one of the first people I met at The 100 Club, when I attended my first night ther...
  9. scan0019

    Think that was either Jolies birthday 91' or The Water Rats same time different venue.
  10. scan0015

    Pete Hollander top guy, haven't seen him for ages.
  11. scan5

    Drummonds RSG New Years Do 89' nQuite a few people I don't see anymore. nI'm in front of Anton and Nikki, Mhairi and James to my left, think he's married living in Chicago.
  12. scan2

    Mr Jackson looking cool as ever and paul patterson with short hair, though its a while since I saw him maybe its short again.
  13. scan5

    A youthfull mr Dale and Handscombe, wonder where the do was?
  14. cool pablo

    He use to knock around with the Norhampton lot and good friends with Simon Small Buzzard and Neil Smith. Wonder what he's doing these days, remember first speaking with at buzzard, along time ago.
  15. shane

    Crazy Eyeeeeezzzzzzzzz to friends. nDavid T