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  1. Well I pestered enough for it. Many happy memories there. So pleased you have done this Alan. There are loads saying they are coming. This really is going to be a great get together for everyone. As always. The music will be 2nd to none. The Viaduct was always ahead of its time. Long live ovo. The Viaduct reunion xxx

    I am putting up a £50 reward for the return of my brooch that my dad had made for me, If you was at Cock of Budworth last Friday and you have knowledge of who has it or where it has gone I would like to know as I need it back. Please help.  I have checked at the venue and it still has not been found or handed in. £50 and no questions asked OK. Just need it back

    Hi. I lost a gold pin brooche at Cock of Budworth last night.  It is in the shape of a letter D about 2 cm in size with 3 white stones at the bottom left hand corner.  If anyone has found it please let me know.  It is very sentimental to me as my dad had it made for my 21st.  I am totally heartbroken it has gone.

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