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  1. Got 2 tickets to sentenced to soul. I can't make it due to unforseen circs. Looks like it's gonna be a belter with Ginger Taylor, Jordan Wilson and such a great line up. If anyone wants 2 tickets please get in touch 07876 342493. Willing to sell on at reduced price x Event is in Wigan 29/08/2015 Allnighter = check events guide for full details on SS


  2. Soulies. I got to raise some funds. Please help.. These are my sales on ebay. Won't relist but new tracks I'll put out on the market. If you got a want - please inbox me. I may have it. Massive collection from many years of collecting. I only sell quality as I only bought quality vinyl (meaning in decent condition). I am not a business just a passionate soulie who loves collecting. Want my tunes to go to a good home. Many thanks







  3. I think dance comps should be banned. People dance how they dance. How they wish to express themselves to the music. there is no right or wrong way. I regret entering a dance comp. I vowed never to do it again. Why - cos I fucking won! And all the misery that brings. As for me - I just kept on dancing - and watched you dance - right out of my life

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