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    That thing Gordon Broon does with his chin. It's almost hypnotic...
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    anything squirted on by Ian Levine
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  1. PM me you old buggers
  2. Records From Craig Moerer In Soul Bowl Sleeves

    If memory serves me correct, I think there's a big interview with John Anderson stretched out over 2 issues...
  3. Ian Levine Productions And Songs

    Je pense que Ian Latrine's vidos serait mieux si il a laiss sur le capuchon d'objectif. Que pensez-vous Nico?
  4. Ian Levine Productions And Songs

    hmmm the guitar teacher I know seems to be saying something similar James except that once they've played the game and decided to go and buy an instrument they are finding it's harder to play than the game may have them believe and therefore getting disillusi...
  5. Dj's Stand Up

    sent a PM instead
  6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=120290612314 fanx
  7. Cookie Jackson - Do You Still Love Me

    I've missed a couple I know!
  8. Frankie & The Damons - Man From Soul

    bluuuuuuurgh cheers mate
  9. Frankie & The Damons - Man From Soul

    Don't think I ever got round to asking for this....
  10. Hott Ice Or Chain Reaction - Search For Tomorrow

    I'm after this too! Nico tells me a few of you have copies going so stop twizzling your 'taches and get PMing with cond. how much you want for your copy!
  11. Just seen it, I thought it was quite tasteful, I liked the colours were quite vivid (dunno the proper film buff term) Repeated at 8:55pm on Channel 4+1 tonight. The weeks 3 Minute Wonders are usually repeated in the wee hours but can't remember what day....
  12. Brenda George - I Can't Stand It On Kent

    Brenda George - I can't Stand It on Kent Need this like 12 months ago and can't wait for manships auction to finish
  13. Soul Revolution

    arse! I can't believe I missed that, really love this track. Anyone know what the going rate is, I've heard anything between £1500 & £3000
  14. Soul Revolution

    Great event and well worth the travel... Always a pleasure meeting "internet people" in the flesh but the overall friendlieness of the Soul crowd is nothing short of overwhelming, typified by (but not limited to) Steve Cato, the undisputed master of the ...

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