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  1. Revilot1957

    Hollyoaks Company Attempt Film Hash

    Kate Bekinsale, suitably dressed in flared skirt and Espadrilles (sp?) ............. Necking-On with another 'Soul Bird' ............ Love owt like that, me like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Revilot1957

    Tracks That Just Make People Smile Bugger. This technophobe/lazy sod still hasn't found out how to add refosoul clips. Cameo - 'Find my way' - Chocolate City, BTW.
  3. Revilot1957

    The Salt & Pepper Story

    Ady, there's a scan of it on the following youtube clip ............ I don't actually know if I'm doing anything wrong here, so Mike The Mod, if I am - Please accept my apologies. And remove either the link or the whole post. Ta.
  4. Revilot1957

    Barbara Acklin - Am I The Same Girl

    Winsome - Am I the same girl ... Reggae-Soul version.
  5. Revilot1957

    Rare Lp Tracks

    Just been in the loft ............. (Sad bastard alert). Major Symphony - 'Metal Heart'. (Philips *French* Album, Prophetic Soul 1974) PS. Remembered it was in my hallway cupboard, not the loft. shite memory me. EDIT : It's on Refosoul. Tried to edit to add track, can't see how you do it (technophobe alert).
  6. Revilot1957

    Rare Lp Tracks

    I haven't seen Larry Santos mentioned as of yet (Unless it doesn't count ?). You got me ..... On the Evolution Just a Man LP. I've got a cracking LP track version of 'Make Me Yours', by Leon Haywood ..... Found it on a stall at Chester-le-Street Market for ten bob or so about 1980 ..... On a big label IIRC, Mercury/Philips ??????? ALSO :- Not Soul, granted ...... But can anybody help me out here. I'm not ..
  7. Revilot1957

    Ever Had A Record Rebound And Come Back To You

    I bought a copy of Azie Mortimer - You can't take it away (In an Okeh purple paper sleeve). In the record bar at The Casino, circa '76/'77. I wrote my name on the sleeve, seen as the record wasn't very rare. Years later, when I was more flush (about 86/87/88) I bought a Seven Souls from a dealer. When it arrived in the post, I was amazed to see it was in my old Azie Mortimer paper sleeve !!!!!
  8. Revilot1957

    A Shout From Bobby Hutton

    It's my 'Ring-Tone' ........... Has anyone got a better one ???
  9. Revilot1957

    Lenny Welch - A Hundred Pounds Of Pain

    Great sound. Superb intro ....... I've just e-mailed the geezer. Invited him to 'pop-in'.
  10. Revilot1957

    Fighting Back

    The Sapphires - Evil One.
  11. Revilot1957

    Fighting Back

    "Put your eyes back into your head, you smarmy bastard" - Mrs Revilot (To me last night, catching me oggling at the young chicks).
  12. I was wandering about my house in Spain ......... Getting ready to go out on the lash ..... Had the Spanish telly when a song came on .... Nearly spat my Mahou 'Cinco Estrella' across the room ........ No beating about the bush ........ Here's the very performance :-
  13. Revilot1957

    Water Damaged Records

    Vinyl in mint condition * See item description ........... While on the subject ... Can anybody remember Clara Ward - 'The right direction' on Verve pale blue demo ....... (Not the record itself - the fact that there were dozens of them knocking about in the late '70s, ALL with water damage to the labels) .... Did somebody find a box-full while on a diving trip in Lake Michigan, or something ???
  14. Was in a little chill-out bar in Phuket just over a year ago ...... The enterprising Thai-Hippy bar 'owner' used the front of a shop (after the shop shut) ... Borrowed the furniture from around the pool of the hotel across the street (after the pool shut) ... And wheeled his 'Bar fitting' and stock onto the job. He had a little CD player and speakers ... He comes up to me and the missus (his only customers at the t..
  15. Revilot1957

    Where Do Northern And Modern Meet?

    Two songs sum-up the original question for me ......... Slap-Band in the middle of the weld (If indeed, there is one) ....... Voices of East Harlem - 'Cashing in'. Bobby Taylor - 'There are roses somewhere'.