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  1. Filmore Street Soul Rebellion On Money

    Here is the LP version of "You Could Be Ugly Too" from Eat Out More Often. RRMoore_You_Could_Be_Ugly_Too.mp3 The organ is removed and it seems there is a different guitar take (could be the same but something sounds slightly changed to me which co...
  2. Filmore Street Soul Rebellion On Money

    I can't wait to hear what Ben and Arthur have to say. I doubt they will remember me but tell them I said hello. My rehearsal was canceled so I had some time to A/B the four versions I have... I just A/B'd the Generation one with the Cherry Red one....
  3. Filmore Street Soul Rebellion On Money

    The "live" version is obviously a fake live track. The "Eat Out More Often" version is also obviously a backing track with the rap added after. You can especially tell the live version is fake when the band is introduced by Mr. Moore and suddenly in unison ...
  4. Filmore Street Soul Rebellion On Money

    Maybe I am stating the obvious here but "You Could Be Ugly Too" from the Rudy Ray Moore Album - "Eat Out More Often" (Kent Records Comedian Series cat. KST 001) is the same basic backing track. Just sayin'. - pat.
  5. Filmore Street Soul Rebellion On Money

    I was the person who helped Matt put out the Vital Organs. There are actually four released versions (that I know of). Three on 7-inch and one on LP. The LP is - Rudy Ray Moore presents The Mr. Jerry Walker Album "The Fairy Godmother" (Kent Comedian S...
  6. Wants

    Ross Carnegie - "F" minor Disco I have the remaining stock of this record. They are available through Sound Library in NYC. Contact them through their site: http://www.soundlibraryrecords.com/ I received them as payment for work I did for ...

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