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  1. lostsoul2

    Shakedown At Stafford

    HI Apologies to all our regulars. Shakedown at Stafford is cancelled this Saturday due to Merv and Paul DJ'ing in Vincenza. Next date will be Saturday 17th November instead of Sat 3rd. This is due to the second Roots of Rhythm at Weston Super Mare. December will be back to the normal first Saturday Dec 1st. If you love R&B , Doo wop and Popcorn or just hearing something differnet then give Shakedown or Roots a tr..
  2. lostsoul2


    Hi Apologies from the organisers- the second room / R&B all nighter at Albrighton is cancelled due to the room not passing health & safety standards ( lack of fire alarms). The northern night in the main room is STILL on. Sincere apologies from Paul, Merv and Bob -- this situation was not in our direct control
  3. lostsoul2

    Albrighton Allnighter 10th Feb

    Hi, Just to let you know that the allnighter at Albrighton on Saturday 10th Feb. is a northern/ 70s in main room and R&B, 60ts rare soul, popcorn, ska, beat ballad and doo-wop in the second room Guest Djs for the second room are Jodie, Merv Parnell, Bob Morris, Paul Bennett, Brummie Karl and others.. details 07887 658410
  4. lostsoul2

    Shake Down - Stafford - Sat 2nd Sept

    Hi Kev - thanks for updating this ... if you haven't seen Jodie play a set yet then well worth the effort - and if you haven't got yourself over to " No more doggin " yet you are really missing out. This month was definitely the best so far. If you like your music fresh and with attitude then the R&B and 60s soul scene is really taking off in the Midlands with the Crown, Doggin, Shakedown.. all w..
  5. lostsoul2

    No More Doggin'

    Hi Martin Great to see you again... here is some of my play list Harold Burgage She knocks me out Vivid Vernon & Jewell thats a rocking good way Kent Otis Span keep on loving me baby Cobra David Coleman drown in my tears Barry Exotics that my desire Coral Chuck Rio Bye bye baby Kent Ronnie Hawkins Mary Lou Roulette Original let me hear you say yeah Origin..
  6. lostsoul2

    Last Night @ Shake Down, Stafford

    Hi Kev Thanks for the feedback... much appreciated. We do our best to play unknown but good R&B and popcorn... there's so much good music out there to "re discover " it is criminal not to be playing it. From a personal perspective it is clubs like Hideaway, Sink, Doggin' , The Crown that have kept me on the soul scene.. so new so fresh. I've seen Nashe and Ted play loads over the years but last weekend the..
  7. lostsoul2

    Midnite Town

    Hi Jodie Didn't know Jason was coming as well... what a line up- how good is the music gonna be! Mark Stewart and Paul Welsby do not need introduction... how did you ever mange to get them 2? Juan.. your recommendation - so say no more -most be top notch Anyone who has been to Shakedown at Stafford knows the type of music is getting played by those lesser mortals Bob Morris, Merv Parn..