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  1. mel brat

  2. The Guardian's Laura Barton On Tobi Legend

    A great song that still has the power to move one emotionally (and physically) despite it's overexposure perhaps. One of the best of it's kind. Incidentally, I was looking at it just this very evening, the first time out of it's bag in several years. Li...
  3. Relaunch Of Queen Mary Ballroom, Dudley Zoo

    It's to be hoped none of the sealions escape again Neil(!)... though a few loose penguins may perhaps add a festive flavour to the event.
  4. Cecil Shaw

    I never knew Cecil Shaw was related to Phillip Mitchell. Interesting.
  5. Record Label Designs And Copyright?

    Someone should have brought out bootleg copies of Soussan's book... The Soul Fox Publishing Co.?
  6. Dedicated to Blue Max Millward, RIP

    Catacombs related images.
  7. Blue Max Rip

    Little Joe Roman - "When You're Lonesome (Come On Home)" (TUFF) Lou Pride - "I'm Cumun Home In The Mornun" (SUEMI) [late '74, post Catacombs] ...both of which Max played long before they took off elsewhere, as far as I'm aware. There were many, many ot...
  8. the catacombs: view facing dancefloor (drawing)

    [quote name='AGENTSMITH' date='24 Apr 2010 - 09:09 AM'] good photographic memory!, exactly how it looked, blacked out windows with roadworks lamps. the dj booth is on the right, at the end and had saloon doors. the stage had a low slung ceiling with a supporting beam in front of it. in the absense of real images, this is as good as its gonna get!. rob.h [/quote] Thanks for the comment. (It was originally a quick biro sketch on the back of an envelope that I did from memory, a few months after it closed!) I'm still not quite sure about the arches on the left (the alcoves that contained a table and benches) though. Were there [i]two[/i] alcoves? Did they have arched roofs or square? etc. - and the lighting was a nightmare! Any further help appreciated!
  9. Blue Max Rip

    Only just heard. This is absolutely terrible. I'm deeply shocked by this tragic news.
  10. artwork & illustration

    general artwork and digital collage...
  11. Records Missing Due To Ash Cloud

    Ray Charles anticipating trends, as usual...
  12. Old Blues And Souls/echoes

    It's not really a fair comparison though, as most of the interesting developments as far as the early Northern scene was concerned had already happened by the time Black Echoes started up (in 1976). Blues & Soul was really the only worthwhile mag for Soul...
  13. Soul Survey With Dave Godin

    Excellent! Thanks very much.
  14. Records Missing Due To Ash Cloud

    LATEST UPDATE: Both records have now arrived safely. (Phew!)

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