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  1. Portsmouth Soul

    Should have gone to Dover!
  2. A Few 60'ts

    Ernie Marbray - Ain't nobody's business - Wee - VG++ £50 Roger Pace - The minute my back was turned/He hey my baby's gone - Select demo. Vg++ £50 Johnny Williams - My baby's good - Chess one sided demo. Looks rough but plays fine. £50 Cl...
  3. The Orwell Boys Are Back

    We are sooo jealous we can't be there with you all. Good luck with the first night and hope it a packer. Can you get the dates sorted for next year ASAP may be able to make one (or two). Don't know how you'll go on Steve without Paddy's input but try y...
  4. Had a great weekend really enjoyed ourselves - will take a few days to recover!! Although numbers seemed to be down on last year the music excelled itself and all the dj's both UK and French each did a brilliant spot. Lionel Girard in particular did an...
  5. The Greatstone Soul Club

    What times is the buffet Paul?? 8-9 or 1-2???
  6. Bury Town Hall Meets The Orwell

    Thanks for that Steve, don't think we can make Nov. Looks like it'll be Yarmouth before we'll see ya!!!
  7. Bury Town Hall Meets The Orwell

    Can't make this one again!! is it on in October?? as looking to come over and will book the crossing to fit in with the Orwell/Bury
  8. 2Nd Northern & Rare Soul Weekender

    After such a busy August, finally got round to booking this weekender! Looking forward to it now and to seeing everyone from last year and perhaps some new faces, Hope the weather is as good!! Not long to go
  9. John Edwards, How Can I Make It Without You

    Just for interest, what does this go for now??
  10. 2Nd Northern & Rare Soul Weekender

    Looking forward to those CD's that were promised last year!!
  11. What's on your mind?

  12. Bury Town Hall Meets The Orwell

    We're gutted to be missing this one but wishing you all the success with it and hope it's as brilliant as the Orwell was!! maybe we will make it one day. In the meantime we will just sit and look at our poster which we finally got!!!
  13. La Rochelle Soul Weekender

    Hotel all booked, looking forward to this one!!
  14. Soul 4 Real # 15 - Bilbao - February 09

    Thanks Aitor and Alex for a brilliant weekend!! really enjoyed it looking forward to next year!!! Liz and Paddy

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