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  1. This massive Rocmar/Sga release one of My faves cannot even find a clip so here is a one ripped in Hull Monday 21st of 7" to mp3 cannot post full version as this is in mega rare league...!! don't wont any pressings lol http://soundcloud.co...g-your-game-003
  2. Tangerine Bar Hull House of Soul brings you A night of Modern /Upfront Soul Tangerine bar carr lane Hull city centre HU13RF 12th February 2011 Louise Mullens,Rikki Woolens Dave Lomotey guest DJ Arthur Matthews doors open @ 19:30hrs > 02:00hrs £3 o.t.d.
  3. KoFi


    31st July 2010 21:00hrs>01:00hrs modern soul joints D.Lomotey + guests £1:50 beer garden music also playing outside dance your blues away! nice small venue big tunes
  4. Yeah was very enjoyable nite and bonus pizza and dips were good too thxs louby and steve(not that you would remeber steve ) LoL amazing fun
  5. pinch of salt me says! teatime show so was to keep the majority watching.. all been done b4. If you went back in the day you know the real deal! I was not offended quite suprised to see Wigan Casino in the fore front on primetime TV. Wigan Casino was a magical place for Me taboos & all. Oh yeah I have fond memories... even though I was fortunate 2 experience Mr "M's"& 1st Friday of the month oldies I love new modern soul... all eras play there part true Yorkshire soul boy!! what is purist= myth.. OkEh...
  6. rudies did the August bank holiday a couple of time ok Hull crew My aunt lived not far from mccanns factory
  7. first experience (1st time around, 2nd 3rd generation feeling (retro feeling)it but not the real thing... time machine not available yet) YORKSHIRE through & through up north !!!
  8. Northern soul is how you personally remeber it 1st time around...... back in the days... now fond memories!! You hear little of clifton hall but that is 2nd to none in My books fond memories too.. and yeah and digged mr M'S /& the 1st Friday of the month
  9. caught a bit of it also on school run / pop in to morrisons etc will check podcast or iplayer later.. heard jades Iam where its at good tune but not definitive northern soul Guy said no new stuff about EH?? MODERN Soul (swear word to some ..) Casino was about oldies and newies to me I moved on memories of sixties and seventies in my heart forever . Modern awesome cut about peace okeh late 76 till last niter 13.75 years old 1st time @ Wigan
  10. Started off a good nite for us!! few old faces not seen for a while. THEN.............. That was until we left early!! because wife had her purse STOLEN
  11. currently in killkenny 4 5weeks whats on then peeps in the southern eire region okeh thxs
  12. Wigan was the magic for me!! 14 year olds 1st niter amazing!! late 76 then 77to 81 without fail loving is really my game. oldies nite friday ram jam fantastic... the heat phew Cleethorpes winter gardens and clifton hall for the modern side fond memories Kgb sheff also samanthas
  13. DARYL Good night had hope to make next one don't forget 70s 80s at DARLEYS HESSLE 7TH SEPTEMBER 7 till late details on www.myspace.com/lomotey_aka_kofidee advance tickets from www.myspace.com/discdiscoveryhull www.theticketsellers.co.uk
  14. was a enjoyable busy nite full of outta towners don,t forget the modern do @ Darleys 7th September www.myspace.com/lomotey_aka_kofidee week before the 7year hull soul club do!! keep on truckin nice do Martin Darly etc

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