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    Getting spins again
  • Birthday 18/01/1955

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    Letchworth,Herts UK
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    Doris Troy "just one look"
  1. toby

    Happy Birthday Ady Croasdell

    Happy Birthday Ady, Your Port will be deliverd Saturday mate, see ya Saturday All the best Toby
  2. toby

    Sean "half A Century" Haydon

    Happy birthday mate, sorry i missed Burnley i just got back from an extended trip in Jersey,see you at Radders mate enjoy your day Toby
  3. Happy birthday to you my mad friend, Enjoy your day Kenny, Best wishes & stuff Toby ..
  4. toby

    Happy Birthday Kev Moore

    Happy birthday Kev enjoy and have a good un best wishes and stuff Toby
  5. toby

    Any Idea On Price Of This 45?

    In the past ive ive had a handfull of this record,i sold them about 6 years ago now for if i recall £15.00 each,stillgot one left on my shelves £15.00 could be way out now a days but thats what i sold mine for,
  6. so very sad news my thoughts are with the family and close friends gutted RIP Salmon Toby
  7. As Toad has stated in post #8 i dont knock about with anyone who aint into soul, if i ever get asked etc by the normal(well to them anyway) i say ooohhh i like Polka music,shuts em up with immediate effect
  8. Happy birthday mate,have a good day young man and enjoy best wishes and stuff Toby..
  9. toby

    Aalon Butler - Record Store Day Release

    Yeh loads, Eli "paperboy " Reed.."woohoo" 7". Donny Hathaway "Never my love" unreleased 7" from Rhino Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson "The Bottle" pic cover 7" Various Artists .......Cotillion Records Soul 45's (10 x 7" ) box set All these already secured via my local record shop ,its good to be mates with the owner in it. He looks out for any soul related items that are due to be issued etc,and informs me..iv..
  10. My monthly clearing out stuff is up for sale. i take paypal,cheques,cash(hidden),email or pm etc postage is £2.00 in UK (more outside etc) I hope you find something you may like.cheers for looking,Toby. 1.R&B ..Billy "the kid" Emerson.."when it rains it pours/It do me so good" on USA Tarpon # T-6606 issue,condition..VG++...£5.00 2.R&B..Willie Mabon.."Just got some / Thats no..
  11. toby

    Happy Birthday John Weston

    Happy birthday John,have a good mate best wishes and stuff Toby..
  12. toby

    Got Ur Own Record Room?

    Andy,its about time mate,this time keep it in order,as i do know your collection is allover the place.(jumbled up not in order) I have a record room(was once 2 big storage cupboards ,but i knocked them into one,hence my room)all shelved out floor to ceiling on 3 wallsplus the stereo system etc,all in area's ie Detroit,Philly,Chicago etc etc,allin label order matrix numbers for easy referance,plus one of the walls is UK soul onl..
  13. toby

    Tobys Operation Today

    Thanks for the wishes of a speedy recovery,but im affraid to tell you all,i aint gonna be around for a while yet,its gonna be a a long hard struggle,as some of you know i aint been well for a long time,stage one is now done toatl left hipand fibia ? now done,but by jove(no more swearing from me in case Dave Morre takes offence)it hurts like ive never been hurt before,but onwards and upwards,stage 2 is immenent a new knee and shin bon..