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  1. Really enjoyed it gents- great night and the venue is superb. So many fantastic records; everyone played a blinder. Also the added bonus of decent beer, with the old place never managed. Look forward to next month.
  2. The Betsy Trotwood is a great pub so very much looking forward to this chaps. Also easy to get to for me, three mins on the bus from Southwark tube. Glad to see Anthony on the roster full time- a man of fine taste! As for the thought of you three as doctors....
  3. For sale, Earl White Jr "very special girl" on Cygnet... as new- mint condition. Very hard to find- proven rarity especially in this condition.. £900 UK pounds. PM if interested.
  4. A terrific evening chaps, really enjoyed it! Brilliant music (as usual)...... orange cup cakes........ actual seahorses on the banner (as opposed to the cartoon one that looks a bit like Beaker out of the muppets)...... and best of all Mole telling us about watching a sub-titled version of "the harder they come" in a cinema in the mid seventies.... in Brixton. See you for the November edition!
  5. Ahhh yes..... although I'd been trying to forget that I'll be 42.... proper middle aged! Mine's a pint of that Polish stuff that makes you go blind for two days after you've been drinking it.
  6. Brian, Mark, Binsy....... Missed the last couple for one reason or another but will definitely be down on Thursday and very much looking forward to it. Binsy, I hope I get to see the yellow/ red cards in action- although not necessarliy in my direction and, as I wasn't there, I'd like to see a re-enactment of the shoe shop scene from Bilboa! See you on thursday
  7. Cheers Binsy. I'm really looking forward to it and dead chuffed to be asked. Must remember to prepare myself for a Redstripe hangover on the Friday morning as I don't reckon I'll be on the driving that night!
  8. Her name is Janette, Ian. Bang into her crossover and sweet soul. I'd seen her playlist and wants list- both full of scarily expensive items. She's also got something to do with that Dave Mancuso party that gets put on occassionally in a bar in Shoreditch. Real interesting Character. I used to go in Cheapo Cheapo regularly but didn't really know what I was looking at half the time. Picked up four Eddie Kendricks LPs and a great Luther Ingram one on KoKo all mint for about a fiver once though!
  9. You'll be paying over a oner for that mate. The 12" mix is the same as the "long" edit on the b side of seven anyway, which isn't as good as the shorter version because it really sounds "cut and paste" if you know what I mean. You'll probably get the seven for twenty- twenty five.
  10. I've got a twenty year old Linn axis which is superb and sounds better than the Technics I've got, which is fitted with a new Ortofon cartridge. You'd probably get one second hand reasonably cheaply and Linn will service them for any problem that you might get with them. The Technics are great, but if you don't need the pitch control for DJing or for them to be robust enough to be carted around there are plenty of other better genuine hi-fi decks.
  11. Try here Jim; there's three of em for varying prices https://www1.gemm.com/search/artist/JESSE-J...-BY--MYSELF/LP/
  12. Shouldn't be too hard to find I wouldn't have thought mate. Paid £15 for mine although it was a while back. Try Girth Devon, he's certainly had it in the past.
  13. Having seen this flier I'm pretty certain that Binsy was at this one. He tells a cracking story of a soul do at Heaven, which is obviously fairly well known as a gay club. As the northerner soulers arrived, with moustaches, tattoo's and singlets they bumped into the regulars.... also sporting singlets, tattoos and moustaches. Confusion reigned by all accounts!

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