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  • Birthday 16/02/1969

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    soul music , reggae , lambretta scooters
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    gt yarmouth
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    Just too many on any given day

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  1. rasfoz

    Detroit Rhythm Section

    Have to agree Backstreet is the tits knocks spots of the vocal IMHO BUT I JUST LOVE HORNS
  2. rasfoz

    Soul Source Saturday Selections

    There was a horse well I say horse named northern soul used to be on that virtual s**t a few years ago ,don't know why anyone would part with money on that other than coincidence ? It did win at 12/1 one day
  3. rasfoz

    Anyone Else from Norfolk on Here

    Im a Norfolk boy & a Norwich fan but no I don't sound like that ?
  4. Douglas every time for me as it seems to have more bollocks ! Luther next then Harrison bro's
  5. rasfoz


    I couldn't possibly comment on what's happened since the stables as I've not been since, but I was fairly regular at the stables. I have had some of my best nights out musically at lifeline as I'd always go home having heard something new which I found very refreshing. As Billy has said above about Grumpys which is a long way for a 4am finish but again it was musically a great night, if the quality is there doesn't matter about the distance in my book. Hopefully you will get the right crowd as Grumpys does from what I saw, it's a strange time for any soul promoter I'm guessing & I suppose it's not hard to get disillusioned in the current climate. I'm sure whatever form it takes it will be a success for whoever whatever your catering for
  6. rasfoz

    90T's Nighter Tunes

    Ok If I can't scam em I'll pm you as pics via FB
  7. rasfoz

    90T's Nighter Tunes

    I have a few mainly peterbourgh, Leighton buzzard, and various other 80s nighters
  8. rasfoz

    90T's Nighter Tunes

    Yes I'll see if I can scan it tomorrow if it works or I can pm it to you on FB chalky
  9. rasfoz

    90T's Nighter Tunes

    The date of the Norwich uea allnighter I think was June 87 ask professerturnups (Mark Chamberlian as he promoted it) I just dug the flyer out but no year on it sorry hope it helps
  10. rasfoz

    Rugby - 9/11/13

    Again to reiterate a cracking couple of sets
  11. rasfoz

    Billy's Playlist Birthday Bash

    Frank your getting old :-)
  12. rasfoz

    Grumpy Selection

    Musically one of the best nights ive been to not danced so much in a longtime recipe is right well done the chef
  13. rasfoz

    Happy Birthday Billy Whizz :d

  14. rasfoz


    Id be mighty suprised if she did the old bints dead is she not . The whole world turns on irony does it not , or does it ? :-)
  15. rasfoz

    "simon Soussan" Update ?

    Indeed sir Norfolk is a splendid place


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