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    more voodoo
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    nearly near notts
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    we willy wonker

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  1. craig brelsford

    Jenny Wren - Chasing My Dream All Over Town

    Changed her name to wren instead of farthing cause she had far to many
  2. craig brelsford

    Coalville Soul club

    Well first time here and proper enjoyed it brilliant company excellent Djs music second to none , and Les Norman gets better and better every time I see him him in the hot seat ,thanks to all for a great night
  3. craig brelsford

    Soul@TheMill (Langley Mill Miners Welfare Charity Alldayer)

    Good venue ,brilliant dance floor good variety of music and very good atomosphere . BUT sound system left a lot to be desired and Djs frustrated all in all good day would of been great if shirt fitted felt like stretch Armstrong
  4. craig brelsford


    Got a few but even though want to sell em don't think I could
  5. craig brelsford

    'Spot-light On' Roger Banks

  6. craig brelsford

    'Spot-light On' Roger Banks

    Used to argue we him over who was carting Robs vinyl around for him. He had been Djing himself with his original vinyl and again for a Aeolian. I think at the time he had abulia and really really could not figure it out why he had not found a bachelorette suppose he was living a life of idle dalliances and sometimes be like a folderol . Ramshackle come to mind, playing max bygraves records at the time we bit of Jimmy young threw in for good measure at one point he was his favourite DJ ,any way seen him couple week ago first time in ages he explained how he was doing this thing called RnB cause they where his initials and surprisingly happy to tell me by the end of year he would be cutting shapes we out scissors Loves his techno swing does R B all a proper geezer and looking forward to see him bound around cutting shapes in the new year from your mythomaniac mateIMG_0565.MP4
  7. craig brelsford

    Soulful Kinda Sunday

    If you didn't go You missed a brilliant day at castle donnington , what can I say bad about it the nothing ,atmosphere was best I've been to all year the people who attended all add passion in the there in their eyes for northern soul and the ones who didn't at the beginning certainly did at the end , what a electrifying atmosphere , music brill and it was free thank you to the organisers and all that at attend loved it
  8. My mirrow has let me down again

  9. What a long weekend but as carol carpenter sang we have only just begun now for breakie

  10. craig brelsford

    Stage One Long Eaton Notts with guest Dj Yocky

    Good nite pleasent peopie well i couldnt get a word in edge ways asusual most annoying ,but then My savior walked the door no More wishing i had cloth ears and ni More ov me mate Tony sending me Tony deaf about when he were a snip ov a lad ans how licurish he had had with is hovis anyway back to My saviorit was the one and only ROVING ROB or is it BOB SMITH,soon as ROB or BOB hit the decks My ears pricked up it was like having instant viagra for the tabs so out we me hand bag and banged tone death toney s ears together and on tothe floor i ran starting off we alittle wall nut whirl twirl then straight into me gebbo war dance shuffle and the fanalie i did another twirl then chased My bottom set and top set ov nashers across the dance floor easy u think but it was cause one nasher going west other north east and so were My legs not to mention Myeyes were likemarty fellmanns and also on springs not knowin wheather to follow uppers or downers managed to get both in gob so had a very weird night but proper enjoyed it plus ROBorBOB SMITHme from having to go tone deaf listening to captain earring aid going on and on lol good nitesee u soon keep on keeping on not got to learn sign language now thanks to mysaviour ROBorBOB BEST SPOT I ENJOYED IN LONG TIME AND I MEAN IT , LOVE TO YOU ALL BINGO
  11. craig brelsford

    Lillie Bryant

    I got a white monach test pressing ov lillie bryant what they worth
  12. craig brelsford

    Micky Cruise Rip

    Mickey was Always Funny as fuck will be sadly missed RIP MICKY
  13. as now got a job in jepardy still in dire straits where ever that is

  14. what do we get for being last 60 there dont tell me ,i know its a kev roberts luckier than lucky looky bag ,a bog mirror


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