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    Getting spins again
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    gardening, buying vinyl, playing my records, shopping, reading, doing crosswords, going to soul nights.
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    Wyke. Bradford
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    Sparkles - Try Love, Marjory Black - One more hurt

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  1. rosemary

  2. Happy Birthday Rosemary

    Thank you xxxxx
  3. Happy Birthday Rosemary

    Thank you Joan......I've had a lovely day with my family. Take care and love to you both xxxxxx
  4. 182

    what a brilliant photo Ali :)    xxxxx
  5. Empty Bottles

    Hi Rich.....can I have 4 cheapskates seats please
  6. Different Strokes....

    fantastic night yet again......I love this place.....dirty, gritty, hardcore soul music.
  7. THAT DRIVING BEAT, LEEDS - International line up!!

    Fantastic night, great venue, lovely bar staff, great little side room for chilling out. Awesome music all night, Greg and Adam played some extremely funked up funk....I loved it Well done Azza & Co, you've found a fantastic venue......easy to find and out of the way of the busy city centre. xxxxx
  8. I'll miss you Salmon......and I'll never forget your kindness. RIP xxxxxxxx
  9. Happy Birthday Rosemary

    Eton Mess See you Wednesday xxxxx
  10. Grumpy Soul

    Thanks Joan for info........but.........if we get lost we'll just phone you ......LOL Really excited now See you Saturday xxxx
  11. Grumpy Soul

    yes send Tony out in a search party...LOL Can't wait now.......xxxxxx
  12. Grumpy Soul

    This has made me laugh Joan.......we could do with some big neon arrows pointing the way xxxxxxxx
  13. Empty Bottles, Leeds. 2nd ANNIVERSARY NIGHT!!!

    Hi Rich......looking forward to my favourite venue Please can you put us down for 6 cheap seats never mind Wrinklies Corner rockin' Martyn.......the dance floor will be with me, Sue and Diane See you all Friday xxxxxxx
  14. CON. SOUL,Christmas Charity Special

    Had a lovely evening.....great music......really enjoyed Adam's and Geoff's sets. xxxx
  15. Bradford rarer & underplayed soul club...

    Don't forget to wear your bi-sexual glasses will you.....I think you meant to say they were bi-focal but you were a little over the edge on Saturday night....LOL

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