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  1. bill storey

    Blackhearts Allnighter

    The best Allnighter this side of 1981
  2. bill storey


    Thanks Mate
  3. bill storey

    Soul in the lakes weekender 2013


    Photo's on soul sourcew now from last night, uploading to facebook next
  4. bill storey

    Soul in the Lakes Saturday night

    A collection of photographs from Shapwells Hotel
  5. bill storey

    Soul in the lakes weekender 2013


    i am paying 20 for Saturday night I'll be in the bar once i finish work and dancing fill the end. I'll be taking lots of photographs throughout night please let me Know if you would rather Not be in them as I don't wish offend anyone, I take lots shots at a lot of soul nights and allnighters akin to Brian Canon and Olly Pearson. add me Bill Storey on Facebook and check out my landscape portfolios on www.redbubble.com/people/tindog look forward to meeting yawl. I'll be the six foot skin head in Oxford bags and yellow vest come and say hello
  6. bill storey

    Soul in the lakes weekender 2013


    forget that last question I'll pop my head in the door tomorrow ktf
  7. bill storey

    Soul in the lakes weekender 2013


    This right on my door step, any know if you can pay on the door and what times open Saturday night?
  8. bill storey


    Cheers for that Davie
  9. bill storey


    Hi All, I am heading up to work in Inverness til Christmas. Unfortunately this has done away with any chances of making it back for Kingshall on the 6th ( Gutted Tickets bought ) Wonder if anyone knows of any soul night up in that part of the world or am I destined to be soul-less for the foreseeable! Any help much appreciated. KTF Bill.S
  10. bill storey

    Photogrpahy At Northern Soul Events

    well this is a big thread, I haven't been on here for a while but thought I'd have a nosey and am amazed at the number of comments. I love the work of messers Cooper, Leedham and Johnston. I will continue to take pics at the nights I attend I hope to capture the scene in a positive light, showing the true size and emotion of our Northern Soul world. I will do my upmost to gain the permission of all individuals taken as subject matter and if you don't want your photo taken please just tell me, we're all mean't to be on the scene for the same reason, which is why my camera is generally sweat stained. I am a big soul fan and can be found on the floor at ever doo I attend. Looking forward to trying to capture the essence of Northern Soul in 2012 at the next Stoke allnighter. Hope to see ya all there. KTF
  11. bill storey

    Photogrpahy At Northern Soul Events

    I may be taking snaps tonight at The Stoke allnighter please let me know if you don't want me to!
  12. bill storey

    Photogrpahy At Northern Soul Events

    Thanks for the replies people I think it's business as usual. KTF
  13. bill storey

    Photogrpahy At Northern Soul Events

    Thanks Davie it's a grey grey area lol 18% grey if I'm not mistaken... Just looked at your link nice work pal. Bill Storey " TinDog " http://www.redbubble.com/people/tindog


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