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  1. Happy Birthday Alison, have a great day lovely lady xxxx
  2. First time for us this Saturday, looking forward to it Janette
  3. toffee lady

    harold club sat 31st

    Looking forward to our visit to Bradfords Longest Running Soul Club Cant wait for a catch up with the gang Janette xxxxx
  4. Didnt Liz McDonald sell or break Vernons copy of Nothing can stop Me - Gene Chandler a few years ago too? He claimed it was priceless! Janette
  5. Happy Birthday Rosebud, have a great day xxxxx
  6. A few of Micks mates had a whip round for a stripper for his birthday lol
  7. Im going next Wednesday at Oldham, really looking forward to this now! Janette
  8. Thanks Peeps had a great couple of Weekends first with Sharyn McKiitrick in London for Jersey Boys and the 100 club niter then this weekend with friends n family, thanks again for all the cards n pressies Janette x

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