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  1. NEV

    Motown white demos wanted

    Ady ..I fully appreciate you replying on a thread but the use of term PM means private message . Soulsource offers a message service that you access in your account /profile . If you ask for pm's it doesn't mean REPLY DIRECTLY TO YOUR WANT POST HERE . Hope that isn't patronising but I feel the need to explain here because you clearly haven't yet read my Private message Hopefully one of the mods will help you in fu..
  2. NEV

    Motown white demos wanted

    Sorry Ady Above it says . I've pmd you and sent you scans and prices and yet , no reply to that pm ? Infact , it reads "not yet read" ! Maybe you don't understand what PM actually means ?
  3. NEV

    Motown white demos wanted

    I give up !
  4. NEV

    Motown white demos wanted

    Pmd you Ady
  5. NEV


    RARE AND JUST PLAIN GOOD RECORDS ! ARMOUR GOMEZ - FEELING UPTIGHT (ACCENT ) VG £550 Super rare 70's modern / crossover sound . Sold for over $900 recent ! This has a visible scuff that causes some audible light clicks but still a very enjoyable 45 . ALBERT JONES - I DO LOVE YOU (TRI- CITY) EX £120 Superb version and for me , the best version ! CECIL SHAW - THIS I'VE GOT TO SEE (BIL-MAR) NM £90 Rarer white pro..
  6. TWO CLASSY CLASSICS ! JERRY COOK - I HURT ON THE OTHER SIDE (CAPITOL) NM £350 SOLD SOLD SOLD Super clean promo copy of this all time biggie in its company sleeve ! HAROLD MELVIN - GET OUT ( LANDA ) NM £250 SUPER RARE BLACK LABEL in GORGEOUS SHINY CONDITION A RARE RECORD INDEED ! PAYPAL GIFT OR FEES PLEASE/ BANK TRANSFER Post worldwide at cost of signed for mail or special delivery to UK, cost to be determined b..
  7. NEV


    I know someone who thought that, but it backfired on him and his record sold for a fraction of the price he was trying to flog it for on here lol
  8. NEV


    Sold one last week for £75
  9. FIRST PRESS ORIGINAL ! JADE - THE SIESTA IS OVER (RDL) VG++ £160 Super rare original press that looks so much nicer on the black RDL Some lite crackle on intro then when song starts it is great ! Flip is also a real sweet soul killer "Brown & beautiful " ,has a few lite clicks early on but nothing to spoil a great song ! Paypal gift or fees please / bank transfer Post worldwide at cost of signed for ma..
  10. NEV

    Jim and Lee - when lovers meet

    Pm sent
  11. NEV


    ELECTION DAY SALES ! What better way to start a sales page ..who will be ..ask Hoagy eh HOAGY LANDS - THE NEXT IN LINE ( LAURIE ) VG+£100 The rare Vinyl promo with machine stamped matrix, in its original sleeve ! Plays great ! THE WHISPERS - DOCTOR LOVE (DORÉ) NM £200 The first and best version of this fantastic record ,looks and plays amazing! * One that you just don't see for sale these days ,especially ..
  12. NEV

    Northern Soul wants (updated june 2017)

    Got a nice clean Dells - your song on USA 45 Original £50 + £3 post !
  13. NEV


    MINIT MONDAY INNIT Four from the Minit stable and four real bangers here ! SHAWN ROBINSON - MY DEAR HEART , VG+ £ 250 Has a fine scratch that causes a few small ticks at the very start, otherwise it plays great ! DIPLOMATS - HONEST TO GOODNESS ,NM £80 Nice shiny copy of this top quality dancer ! ALDER RAY - MY HEART IS IN DANGER , NM £80 Nice black issue of yet another pure out and out dance floor ki..
  14. NEV

    little jewel

    Think originals on tay ster are all styrene