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  1. Hallo there, looking for a nice (DJ-able) copy of Litte Charles & the Sidewinders - A taste of the good life (Decca, mulit-colored label) PM me condition and price please. Thanks! Edit: Sorted.
  2. Hi there, I acquired a copy of the Shades of Black, Mystery of Black, on Julmar the other day. And wondered a bit about the "low" price. I always assumed it is a very, very rare record. If my memory serves me right I read somewhere that it is as rare as "only a handful of copies around". Also it was comped on one of those "Rarest of the rare funk 45" compilation and was reissued on the Funk45/Jazzman label a few years ago. Popsike and Frenzy have 5-6 auctions listed over the past 6 years ranging from 350$ to 55$ for a cracked copy. Somebody has any info on the actual rareness? A
  3. Hi there, I'm looking for a clean/dj-able copy of Cold Blood - I'm A Good Woman (San Francisco) PMs please! PayPal would be great! Thanks in advance! Edit: Sorted! Thanks!
  4. There are two copies of the "Untangle my mind" 45 on Ebay at the mo. http://www.ebay.com/...5-/350456022167 http://www.ebay.com/...6-/190606300216 Good luck with the "Hey Girl" 45! Edit: Just realised that those copies are mono/stereo 45s. Whoops!
  5. The Esquires 45 is sorted already. Still looking for the Dimas III & Reuben Bell 45!
  6. Hi there, I'm looking for clean copies (at least vg++) of Dimas III - I Won't Love You Again (Clown) Esquires - How could it be (Bunky) Reuben Bell with the Casanovas - It's not that easy (Murco) PMs please! I can only do paypal! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a nice copy (at least vg++) of Reuben Bell with the Casanovas - It's not that easy (Murco) I can do PayPal. PMs please! Thanks!
  8. The ending year reminds me of that I always wanted a copy of Della Reese - It was a very good year (ABC) If someone in Europe (I need it quick ) got a copy in at least vg++ condition for sale, please pm me. I can do paypal. Thanks!
  9. Hallo, I'm looking these "cheapies" (? ) in clean condition (at least vg++), Rosetta Hightower- A little more line (CBS) Charles Whitehead - Between the lines (Stone Dogg) The JB's - The Grunt (King) PMs please! I only can do paypal! Thanks in advance!
  10. Still looking for a copy of Rufus Thomas! Stupid me missed the auctions...

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