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  1. Dante

    Rare Groove / 2 Step Thread

    I think the term jazz-funk is almost strictly a musical definition, a sub-genre like any other. On the other hand, I think of rare groove and acid jazz as music based scenes.
  2. Dante

    Rare Groove / 2 Step Thread

    I thought this, too, and I'm a little bit confused myself. I think what you think when you hear 'rare groove' is the US 90s hip-hop centric collectors? And in the Uk it was scene much like the northern scene in the 70s: youngsters going out and dancing to a specific type of music, in this case it was a mixture of black sounds very similar to what the US rare groove guys were into? Does that make any sense?
  3. Yeah, I've lost on a couple of records because of bids. I put in my snipe and forget about it. Then I return to see that my bid wasn't placed because of this and the record went for cheap.
  4. I don't know, I meant they were very similar in lots of ways.
  5. That was a pretty good read. Thanks Chalky and Bob. I thought it was funny that you said Impressions and Manhattans, as I've always thought they were like 'brother groups' in terms of style and quality. Also, it's cool to see how people from different countries end up collecting soul 45s. Most of us down here arrived through the skinhead reggae/ska and mod scene.
  6. Dante

    How To Clean Acetate 45S Or 10Inch?

    A friend had some acetates that had some spots of laquer missing. He coated them with regular see-through nail polish and they played afterwards. It's not the most professional of methods but it may save the life of an otherwise unusable acetate.
  7. Dante

    Is It Fair To Call These Boots?

    Cool, I couldn't believe he did. The world is back on its feet now
  8. Dante

    Is It Fair To Call These Boots?

    Oh my god! Did Mr. Rounce just misquoted the title of a song? I thought I wouldn't live too see that!
  9. Dante

    Barbra Mason Could Sing A Bit

    Just buy whatever you find by her on Arctic. All cheap, all quality. Faves include Oh How It Hurts and Tell Him.
  10. Dante

    Hairline Crack - And Still Has Bidders Wtf

    I've had a few bargains on records with NAP hairlines. If I wanted this 45, I'd probably bid on it.
  11. Dante

    Debonaires On Solid Hit 102

    Isn't he also a member here?
  12. Dante

    Wanda Jackson & Jackie Wilson. Reduced

    Bumping this with the reductions. Fair prices for these two, I think.
  13. Hi there, a couple of records for sale: Wanda Jackson - Whirpool (Capitol) VG+US $25 Label shown in pic: In demand mod dancer. Jackie Wilson - Mexican pic sleeve EP that features Somebody Up There Likes You + Chain Gang, When Will Our Day Come and Funky Broadway. VG/VG+ $25 SUTLY was never released as a 45 in the US nor in the UK. So, both are USD25, or get the two of them for $50 INC. shipping. Feel free to PM me or email me (danteloco@hotmail.com) with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi there, I have a copy of the mexican pic sleeve inc. the following titles: Chain Gang, Funky Brodway, When Will our Day Come and Somebody Up There Likes You. Last one was never issued on a 45 in the US nor in the UK. Condition of the record is VG+. The pic sleeve is in NM condition. I'm asking 35 quid, including registered shipping. No paypal fees. Feel free to PM or email me at danteloco at hotmail dot com with any questions. Thanks, Dante
  15. OV Wright's What Did yo Tell This Girl Of Mine on Backbeat thinking it was the same version as the UK Sue issue.


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