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  1. if i turned up half a dozen cheap Id risk the impossibility of selling them lol
  2. If only we had a time machine eh Phil lol
  3. I remember when Ion had this in his sales box for ages at Stafford and couldnt sell it for peanuts lol How times change eh
  4. The Cautions — Watch Your Step — Shrine (VG++) Offers - Vinyl has barely visible scuffs or would be a M- label has a little tear damage towards the centre on the watch your step side slight ring wear on both sides rare item The Blue Jays — Point of View — Jay (M-) £800 brought as store stock in 80s never DJ’d clean labels perfect copy SOLD The Webs — Give In — Popside — (M- SOL) £30 Renee Peree — I Aim To Please — Soulville — (M-) £40 Chubby Checker — Everything’s Wrong — UK Cameo Parkway (M-) £30 Tyronne (The Wonder Boy) — Please Consider Me — Four Brothers (M-) £30 Danny Harrison — Girl, Girl, Girl — Coral (Store Stock M) £60 The Tribulations — You Gave Me Up For Promises — Imperial (VG++) £35 SOLD Chuck Bernard — Indian Giver — Satellite (Vinyl M- WOL and marks Guy H inscribed in run out the sinner lol) £8 E.J & The Echoes — Treat Me Right Diamond Jim (VG+) £35 WILL LISTEN TO SENSIBLE OFFERS, PAYPAL GIFT PREFERED, POSTAGE £2.80 RECORDED BUT IF YOU WANT INSURANCE FOR ANYTHING PLEASE REQUEST AS IF THE PACKAGE GETS DAMAGED OR GOES WALKIES THEN IT WILL BE AT YOUR COST
  5. Yes it is tha smae tune I brought Pat Bradys ccopy Roger brought Dave Thorleys copy after Stafford ended as for the mp3 seller grrrr to him :S
  6. My spot in no paticular order Ozz & His Sperlings - Can You Qualify - Goldenway Books Bros - Lookin For A Woman - Tay ... Charles Thomas - The Man with the Golden Touch - Loma Lola Sands - To Whom it May Concern - Bison Monique - If You Love Me - Maurci Shirley Edwards - Dream My Heart - Shrine The Fabulous Apollos - Whats So Good to You - Valtone Roosevelt Grier - Pizza Pie Man - D Town Booby Angelle - Too Much For You - Money Turley Richards - I Feel All right - Columbia Joseph Moore - I Still Cant Get You - MarVlus Gail Anderson - Be Proud - Salvador Ray Pollard - This Time - Shrine Preston Peters - Got To Have Piece of Mind - Markhap The Uptowners - Such a Love - Captown Billy Clark - Too Bad Too Sad - Gama Johnny McCall - I Need You - Alteen Kontets - Audio Discs Unknown- Good thing Going - Studio Acetate Ditalions - I Gotta Go - Trip The Webs - Give In - Popside Clyde McPhatter - Lonely People Cant Afford to Cry - Amy The Constellations - I Dont Know About You - Gemini Benny Curtis - Dirty Hearts - Resist Dorothie Berrie - A Woman Needs A Good Man - USA The Invaders - The Best Is Yet Too Come - Brewtown Tyrone (the Wonder Boy) Please Consider Me - Four Brothers Baby Love - Is Your Love Real - Dud Sound Willie Tee - Im Having So Much Fun - Gatur June Jackson - Youre Welcome - Musette Billy Wells - This Heart These Hands - Sweet Soul (think I played this :S lol) Help Fill in the gaps above Have a Great Christmas all
  7. Thanks mate ... haha know the feeling about that sold alot of stuff in the 80s which I have massive regrets about but hey hoo I brought the Reggie Soul from Pete Lawson for a couple of quid for the other side due to being into crazy uptempo at the time lol
  8. My humble offerings in a mish mash order Soul Communicaters - Those Lonely Nights - Fee Bee Ditalians - I Gotta Go - Trip Bobby Angelle - Too Much For You - Money Spencer - Searching For Love - Midtown Tony Owens - This Heart Cant Take No More - Soul Sound Inovations - Stay On The Case - Hit Sound Elvin Spencer - Lift This Hurt - Winner The Fabulous Moonlighters - For Granted - Blue Eagle Elsie Strong - Girl Rated Triple X - Legrand Victoria Williams 7 J D Ledbetter - Show Some Sign - Verve James Bell - Love of My Girl - 3 Diamonds Willie Tee - Im Having So much Fun - Gatur The Fabulous Apollos - Whats So Good To You - Valtone Billy Woods - I Dont Want To Loose Your Love - Verve Ella Woods - I Need Your Love - Merging Reggie Soul - My World of Ecstasy- Capri Toni Washington - Good Things - Konti Kontets - part 1 - Audio Discs Falcons - Good Good Feeling - Big Wheel June Jackson - You're Welcome - Musette Lil Willie West - Dont Be Ashamed To Cry - Frisco Limitations - Im Lonely, Im Troubled - Bacone Fred Hughes - Walk On Back To You - Exodus I think thats them all Hope you Enjoyed
  9. First night out in an absolute age but glad I battled the elements to fix my soul addiction Even though as mentioned the numbers were low the music was grade A all the way .... from cheap to rare, the quality always there Enjoyed double decking with Kev and everyone else treated to me with some sublime spots ty guys n gals Hope to get out more next year and enjoy more soulful offerings
  10. Put me a ticket aside please, definitely coming because if I dont my soul sis Joan will kick my butt lol
  11. WOW what a night, these nights are what makes the rare soul scene what it is, great music, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people. As was prementioned you couldnt put a number one on any of the spots as they were all bang on the nail. Thanks Sharon, Kev & Martyn for allowing me to grace the steels for an hour, I really enjoyed it, even played a modern tune (shock !!!) lol Thanks for all the comments about my set they are appreciated ... the cheques are in the post hah! Looking forward to more USOS vibes in 2010 ps .. Great CD by Chalky too
  12. Not you one Joan lol Not long to go now
  13. Have been thinking of dropping 1 is that enough?
  14. Its will be in me box ready to renfrow it on to decks for you Joan lol Getting a good good feeling about this!!! Not long to go now!!! Anybody who has never been here get ya backsides down to this .... .... top draw music all the way
  15. Im sure it wont be just Chalky that can inject some Stafford into the evening, Ill prime up some TOTW tunage for you bro Really have been looking forward to this, seems like its been an eternity to come around but as they say good soul comes to those who wait Chris

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