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  1. Looking forward big time Dave, hope people dig deep to boost the charity takings. Looking forward to DJing at this great venue.
  2. Who are the D J s TBA !!!!!
  3. Thanks for the "YOUNG " tag Dave .......shame it`s not true . It`s an absolute pleasure to be behind the decks here again and especially as it`s a charity night With a great line up of D.J.s from near and far . with Gingers inclusion being a masterstroke , all the way from " Downtown Todmorden " . So get down Early and be generous with your donations WiganBrian .
  4. wiganpotter

    Soul Shoes Bishopstoke

    Guest DJ Danny North`s 60th birthday Top DJ and a real gentleman .
  5. Senior moment meethinks !!!!!!!!
  6. Chairman of the board " I`m on my way to a better place " WiganBrian
  7. Very pleased to be making my debut here in the Main room [ DJ`d in the bar area a few years ago ] along with Trowbridge Matt who has tunes most of us can only dream of owning, and one of Soul`s nice guys . WiganBrian .
  8. So glad that "Anywhere" Are having me back at this brilliant venue . To grace the decks with Danny North who has one of the best collections in the South and a truly top bloke ! .Hope to see a great crowd down there ......if you haven`t had to many eggs WiganBrian .
  9. Stevie Wonders " Someday at Christmas WiganBrian .
  10. What !!!!!! Never heard of the Home of George Formby ....".Eeeeee it`s turned out nice again " And the worlds best pies !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Bees Knees is now called " Last orders " The "Ship pub " just around the corner from the Casino is now just a facade for part of the front of the Grand Arcade . I personally feel you will be disappointed with your visit , there are only scant reminders of the Empress [Casino ]Ballroom my feelings are the council have never wanted to recognise it with a worthy memory , due to all the bad publicity it brought the town , whether it was warranted or not . Just my personal opinion of course . Much has changed over the years , but I hope you enjoy your visit WiganBrian .
  12. After reading all the lovely things you have all said about Paul , It just confirms my thoughts that he was THE nicest man on our wonderful soul scene. A true Gentleman with a wit and panache unsurpassed . R.I.P Paul WiganBrian .
  13. Good to hear he's doing better than his beloved Villa . Get well soon WiganBrian
  14. Thanks Matt , Are you D J ing ? as there is no flyer attached ???? You have a great time, playing those superb tunes of yours . WiganBrian
  15. Not sure if its feasible to attend this one away at Middlesbrough , match finishes 4.50 pm and 5 hour journey mmmmmmm ! deffo not feasible . Have a good one Matt . Wigan[Stokie}Brian .
  16. Roburt is spot on . the day after at school , it was the main topic of us 14/15 year old`s about the guy cocking up his performance on T O T P who had fook all rhythm , the main consensus was he left the stage through embarrassment , I seem to remember some folks having trouble dancing to it at school Disco`s due to the unusual off~beat . Funnily enough I was talking about this at the weekend and me and my mate said it was the "bald " one who left the stage !!!!!!!!!! memories ain`t what they used to be . WiganBrian .
  17. If it was my gear , he`d be in ward 10 AND 11
  18. Also co wrote the never to be forgotten Stoke City anthem " we`ll be with you " Stoke`s 1972 league cup final tune . R.I.P. Jackie
  19. Love slips through my fingers ..................K Y Jelly .
  20. D J ing on the south coast a few years ago , an influk of handbaggers & knobheads hit the floor in a circle , you can spot them before they hit the floor , anyway after several polite requests " no drinks on the dance floor please " and some proper soulies asking them to abide by my request , I just hit the stop button mid track and announced no more music till they removed their drinks ...........success, as they all left the dance floor very sheepishly with the soul fraternity clapping as they left ......job done WiganBrian .
  21. Memories there Rob , I used too frequent Chaplins underneath the Playhouse back in the 80s it was down the alley just before "the iron bridge " , were many a fight out of school would be arranged there {the bridge not Chaplins } Drewtg has his target spot on for the entrance to the Casino , had the conversation on it`s whereabouts many times , some people are so way off . WiganBrian .

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