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  1. I taped it ... watched it ... & then hastily wiped it before the kids could see it !! Oh f**k no Think Mark Bicknell's earlier post sums it up much better than I could..... just a bad film full stop! ... & like him, I am so glad I didn't pay to see it in any way. Just how many times have we seen the same regurgitated plot .. 'Better to go for the good looker that wants you & is really clever too,... than go for the popular good looker who wears a bit more make up, has easier opening legs & is good with her hands' ..... & the ending? I was one of those vehemently defending their right to make the film .... wish I hadn't now ! I even agree with the pedantic 'trouser length' comment now too! ... I mean...there is 'long' & there is taking the P !! .... Don't know about falling over trying to spin.... it's a wonder he didn't go arse over tit every 5 steps!! It was bad wasn't it P.s. Thought of one small + point .... I didn't notice any over 40's looking in the crowd like it was feared would happen
  2. Re 'Popsike' .... I've always been a bit dubious! .... Hardly ever seen anything i've bought on there. & more to the point....it doesen't tell you how long & how much searching it took the buyer to get one at that price! So imo it gives a false reading in the opposite way.
  3. Would be a logical conclusion.... but mine was just an observation. As it has now been sort of pointed out...I think it is because the knowledge has been let out of the bag & created a bigger market with many many more players.
  4. Probably just from my mucky mitts pawing at it .... but has anyone noticed a sort of greasy waxy residue that bleeds out of the glossy cover pages ? ...Has happened on to me on two different issues now. Give me a minute to do up me tin hat... but with regards to people not liking them...as was implied earlier by someone...not everyone is lucky enough to have a photographic mind. & are the moaners not, in the main, dealers?? Anyway....great just to read on the bog besides anything else!! Mmm....That could explain the greasy residue I guess?? Look forward to getting the new one for christmas
  5. One that had bypassed me till about 3 years back & was chuffed to bits to pick a m- promo up for $20 off the net. ..... Thought I read somewhere it was a 'Torch' tune initially? ...... As you say though Joan... Fantastic!
  6. You promise that angry scotsman isn't going to jump out on this one??? Ok....i'll have a go then. Love this one in my collection...& wonder if it got lost in the deluge of fantastic tunes at the time? http://youtu.be/U2u792HenJA
  7. Re the black artists returning the favour & recording versions of white pop songs....there are some really good tunes in amongst them One that springs to mind is 'Wee Willie Walker's' version of 'Ticket To Ride'....much much better version than the Beatles imo...it becomes a totaly different song!
  8. Oh dear, oh dear!....has somebody been rewriting history again?? Came across this a few months back & thought it might have some relevance to the bit in this debate regards the origins of the term 'soul' in music. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Soul_Stirrers Guess that group name could become a new insulting reference too eh?
  9. Know this is pretty much done & dusted But on reading through I had a feeling that my US promo was different to the one pictured...it was issue coloured promo being the main difference...so I whipped it out. & looking at the issue number on it I would guess that it indicates that it preceeds the white one. Has no Engish link written on it either...so I would think that says it almost certainly had a US 45 release just on the strength of the disco action over there? 5:02 mix both sides by the way.
  10. You got me there!! Had a check on the original advert pic & it is deffo the same one that arrived though Actualy...I must of imagined it was a promo...it's not now
  11. Bit of an ironicaly amusing thread this really if you think about it .... god...who ever would have thought there would be a problem with nighters clashing! Apart from the big venues there was little chance of someone putting on a nighter back in the day...if the licensing hours didn't get them...then the loss of beer income for the venue owner would! Hence the reason for 'carrot crunchers' like us & other inbreads having to travel (which added to the excitement I might add ) I guess with the squeeze on the Landlords from the Brewers these days, they make more on pop...so I would imagine a nighter is something they would probably welcome with open hands? The answer then?.....lobby to your council that the opening hours should go back to what they were...or help the Landlords fight the Brewers....give up Supermarket beer!!!
  12. This bloody site! I only came on to see if I could find what the difference was with the two Brenda Holloway - When I'm Gone mixes....3 hours later i'm still here!! May as well make a day of it I guess....& going to participate in this thread as I had a reet 'chuffer' this week You know...where you are looking forward to it anyway... but when it comes it's even better! The items were two LP's that I had managed to find at a real good price 'Bobby Patterson - It's Just A Matter Of Time' & 'The Spirit Of Atlanta - The Burning Of Atlanta'. Anyway...they arrive...both are originals in nigh on M- condition (vinyl wise)...but when I get 'The Spirit Of Atlanta' LP out of it's sleeve...it's only a beautiful promo!!! The seller never mentioned this so it was a real nice surprise. Heaven! I know what is going to happen now....someone will tell me they were all promos
  13. First one was my favourite of the lot that came out around that time That's probably just about destroyed the sales of the revamp ....but you'll get one sale at least as I have pawed over mine that much that it is falling apart! Great book
  14. Personally....I just think it just maybe one of those tunes that has gone down from the guides price because Ebay has eaked a few out?? I missed out on a few at around the £30 mark earlier last year & then got offered a second chance of one around the £40 mark...which i had by the way. But I noticed the same guy had a couple more for sale after mine & there were 2 or 3 more from other sellers that went through much much cheaper than what I paid! Could go either way I guess depending on how many there really are left out there?
  15. Yep like that one Maark ....don't mention speeding up though...that's reared it's head in another thread Reminded me of another old favourite that was played wayback too...the Parliments Testify....still love it

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