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  1. Bill Murphy- Ain't No Big Thing - Martin Music (E+) Great copy of this in demand version of the classic tune. £175 plus £5 recorded delivery PM..Pay Pal etc
  2. My copy credits arranger Fred Cagaanan, with the back to front 3, i always was led to believe this was a first original copy, i also believe the one that does not credit the arranger to also be a legitimate first series copy, ( its a case of which came first the egg or the chicken!) i never held much water with the EMI copy ( obviously the Independent would precede the National ) That's my two penneth....
  3. Great previously un - released 45' out now. Just thought i'd post the link too share. out in a few weeks on psycho/super disco edits. This lovely un-issued mid-tempo soul joint from 1978....its sat on the reels just waiting to be unearthed. And the super disco edits team have dug deep to bring it to to the website sign up to the mail list to make sure you don't miss it, and for your vinyl purchases!!
  4. Don't like the idea mate, firstly surely we all like having that exclusive sound, yeah its an ego trip, but as people we naturally have a competitive edge ( well most do) i kind of see your point re the sale of rare tunes been driven down, but i'd never lend my tunes to anyone to play. Is it not just the way it is, that some folks just have a better ear, and do more groundwork, then get the right records too do the job, than others ? The hire scenario in my eyes waters down that cult of the DJ for me.
  5. Agree, fantastic track, i too got the CD when it was released, think it was $10 from their web site, i'm a vinyl fan first and foremost, but the CD is the original, i know they have since re-released the CD, but interesting to see a vinyl 45'.
  6. As an immense rare soul record collector , I got in touch with Frank prior to his African odyssey , and my want was delivered , God Bless that man.
  7. As an immense rare soul record collector , I got in touch with Frank prior to his African odyssey , and my want was delivered , God Bless that man.
  8. I like to think the Europeans have taken the better elements of the ' British Northern Soul Scene' and left the entrails, graveyard attitudes, god awful circus clown outfits at our shore, and today their own scene flourishes, and they move on and up and could rightly care less about the chronic bed wetting geriatrics of the United Kingdom .
  9. But aren't we our own price guide, you spend long enough looking for certain tunes, you know there current value, i love all the guides more as a discography than a true reflection of prices, if you are out and about you talk etc, you get a feel for how much money you should offer.
  10. They aren't in a box , the box has been discovered, if you weren't in the loop then it's passed you by...
  11. Am I the only one , but when certain members post one thousand word replies... I never read them, surely a good functioning forum has to have members posting in short, sharp snappy replies !! Ps the fancy dress soul scene deserves all it gets..

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