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  1. dovesong

    Hey Soul Sisters

    I'm interested
  2. dovesong

    Wednesday 70's/80's Stuff

    Any chance u could hold onto the dells till monday please
  3. dovesong

    Blackpool Weekender Tickets And Accom

    Julie are those tickets still going?.
  4. dovesong

    Frank Elson Blues And Soul Feature

    I had my collection stolen by my x partner,even worse was that frank had once interviewed me for the mag.SHIT HAPPENS
  5. dovesong

    cat and nighter 035

    One of the best,My mate Sandi
  6. dovesong

    Burnley Cats Whiskers All-dayers 28 May 79

    Does anybody remember the guy who had a a dicky bow that used to light up and revolve?,he always carried a small box of records with him.He wasn't into the northern scene but lived locally
  7. happy birthday x

  8. dovesong

    Angels, Burnley

    Not sure if you've got the info u were after,my xhusband worked on the door there,a wilkinsons store is there know,it was a shit club
  9. dovesong

    The Burnley Niter

    What a good night was had at Burnley,keep it up phill and co
  10. dovesong


    I am after 4 tickets 4 the weekender has anybody got any spare?.
  11. dovesong

    ric tic review hinkley

    One of the best alnighters i've ever been too
  12. dovesong

    Blackpool Tower Weekender

    Well what a bag of sh** the music in the main room was lets say bad it was worse.Skiing in the snow was played 3 times,ok the floor was full,full of handbaggers.Ok playing "oldies",but when they were charging £30 each just for a Sat night pass then surely the regular alnighter/soul night punter deserves better.
  13. dovesong

    Early 80,s

    The guy called Porter was Ronnie Porter from wigan.
  14. dovesong

    Bits of this n that



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