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  1. frenchie

    Gordon Worden, Preston Funeral details

    Cheers Kirsty. I think we will all be there earlyish. Shocked and numb. I cannot believe we will be saying goodbye to Gordon so very very sad. Pen x
  2. frenchie

    sam 0701

  3. frenchie

    sam 0700

    Happy smiling faces  :)
  4. frenchie

    sam 0689

    Was she kissing you for playing Breakaway Tony ha xx
  5. frenchie

    sam 0668

    Tunes...I heard you played a belter Sean 
  6. frenchie

    sam 0667

    Giggling Beauts  :)
  7. frenchie

    sam 0665

    Get in there Bernie... I bet I can guess what you is saying :) xx PENNY x
  8. frenchie

    sam 0659

    Ad Fab  :thumbsup:
  9. frenchie

    sam 0657

    Fantastic :) x  :hypo:
  10. frenchie

    sam 0645

    Yeah the Gang :) x Penny x
  11. frenchie

    sam 0634

    Love it.  Happiness :) xx Penny x
  12. Just read this...As you probably know Karl, Stuart helped Pete with these magazines, design layout etc. He was at our house a lot of the time when they were being produced. I have just found all of Pete's letters he sent regarding the magazines whilst cleaning some drawers out!!!! Some are funny, some are sad as he wasn't in a great place when all this was happening. However its a bit of Pete Lawson history that has put a smile on my face . God bless him he was mad as a box of frogs PENNY
  13. frenchie

    Memorial : Pete Lawson - 22 Years Today

    OMG is it really 22 years ago. Think loads of us miss him Joan. others have passed since, and he is in good company....but doesn't fill that mad void he left Penny & Stu x
  14. frenchie

    interview with simon soussan and arpeggio march 17, 1979

    Bloody Soussan, well I never :-)


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