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  1. Cheers Kirsty. I think we will all be there earlyish. Shocked and numb. I cannot believe we will be saying goodbye to Gordon so very very sad. Pen x
  2. Just read this...As you probably know Karl, Stuart helped Pete with these magazines, design layout etc. He was at our house a lot of the time when they were being produced. I have just found all of Pete's letters he sent regarding the magazines whilst cleaning some drawers out!!!! Some are funny, some are sad as he wasn't in a great place when all this was happening. However its a bit of Pete Lawson history that has put a smile on my face . God bless him he was mad as a box of frogs PENNY
  3. OMG is it really 22 years ago. Think loads of us miss him Joan. others have passed since, and he is in good company....but doesn't fill that mad void he left Penny & Stu x
  4. Shocked Another very very sad loss. RIP Tony Penny and Stu Raith xxx
  5. I saw it last night at KGH, but was also lucky to view the first screening in Manchester at a cinema. It was definitely an issue with the sound system at KGH NOT the film. It still sounded good, even with a slight sound issue and that was very dependant on where you sat last night. I will also add that my second viewing was as good as the first and I took more in second time around. A nostalgia trip of the very best kind. Well done Elaine and all the Crew. Penny x
  6. until

    Sunglasses packed. For in door use only of course and plenty of beer towels to mop Stuarts sweaty brow hahaha. See you all Friday Penny xx
  7. frenchie

    The Burnley All Nighter

    Brilliant night. I danced to the state of collapse It was so hot in there, but that was down to the quality of the music, non of us could stay off the dance floor. Danced laughed and electric atmosphere. You cannot get any better than that. All the DJs give yourselves a massive pat on the back. Sean, you have to give yourself even more mate cos your dos never fail. Penny x
  8. frenchie

    The Burnley All Nighter

    Have to stay from start to finish again ..oh dear... Looking forward to Saturday as always
  9. So sad to read this. Condolences to Jon and the family. Lovely Lady. RIP Sue. Penny and Stu Raith
  10. Just got back from hols but had to post late ...he would understand. He knows I will always miss him, grumpy old git with a heart as big as the world. Keep floatin on them clouds and greeting friends at those gates. We both miss you Salmon RIP Penny & Stu xx
  11. frenchie


    Fantastic night..Fantastic people..Fantastic music = Burnley Allnighter Now have sore blistered feet..... but so worth it. Penny
  12. frenchie


    After a nights arguing on FB about the scene not having any decent tunes after 1976.............................WTF.............Come on next Saturday I cannt wait. Some people just don't get it or is just me!!!!!!!! Pen xxx

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